THE BOYS Official Trailer #2 (2019) SuperHero, Amazon Series HD

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THE BOYS Official Trailer #2 (2019) SuperHero, Amazon Series HD
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Black Gate Hokage says:

Fuckin amazing

travis98761 says:

Hughie should be Simon Pegg lol

Mr Lahey says:

The Graphic Novel is pretty hardcore I wonder how much they are gonna do, This trailer makes it seem about action when its really more about a bunch of sexual predators.

Tabs T says:

This looks brilliant

Paul E GM/LM says:

This looks fucking stupid. Thanks, Amazon, but you can keep this garbage.

neal sawyer says:

This is going to be epic and amazing…July here yet?


This looks bad ass

M.D.Metal says:

As a fan of the comics, I am more than ready for this! If you are an easily offended SJW snowflake, tough shit. This series is NOT FOR YOU!

Svetlana Dmitrieva says:

Where is Simon Pegg?

Jay 777 says:

What are they tho marvel or DC or neither

JOEL00111 says:

Karl urban would've been best for gambit

Mevlüt Gürdal says:

Şimdi marvel düşünsün amk 😂

soyourboi27 says:

Wonder if she's gonna give triple toppy like in the comics

Iolanda R says:

nous somme fatigue des films de violence et marvel

Why Elon musk ransacked my Idea says:

Thumbnail cheater!

lolz says:

Just saw an early viewing of this show and I gotta say it peeks my interest. It’s a whole new take on what we view as superheroes

Reboundprodigy says:


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