The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2020 (Trailers)

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Top Upcoming Action Movies 2020 Full Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | More
Included in this compilation are Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun 2: Maverick, Black Widow, Tenet, Mulan, The King’s Man, Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife, Jungle Cruise, The Iron Mask, Greyhound, Morbius, Free Guy and X-Men: The New Mutants.

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Rogue01 says:

The new Kingsman looks bomb

Arminus World says:

Ihr stellt die falschen Fragen oder wer was Falsches voraussetzt…. Corona ist keine Pest, sondern eine Grippe! Wer ernsthaft mal darüber nachdenken wollte, für den gibt es hier Informationen @t​

Mike Smith says:

I feel bad for Black Widow releasing on June 2020. Most people are going any where near a movie theater for a long while.

Alexandr Nita says:

"I killed 18 men. on by one" – go F yourself

Uh Oh says:


xpatches13 says:

How many years will we need to wait until Hollywood plays itself out and starts producing movies where they concentrate on the story and not which "group" they can virtue signal to? 99% of this is shit sells "men are bad women are great let's virtue signal to as many groups as possible story be damned". /sigh

xpatches13 says:

In support of Taiwan I will not be seeing Top Gun 2. Unless they reinstall the Taiwan flag and Japanese flags on the back of the jackets.

Murphy Rutledge says:

Tenet looks epic.

Fredrik Peterson says:

😀 Ghostbusters afterlife yeah 🙂 nice

lamerzxc says:

Never a ghost sighting in 30 years???

Dj Spicy-O says:

10 ads in a 30min video. FUCKING LAME!

Lashanda Lawson says:

I would like to see that movie when it comes out.

molly bister says:

mop up the floors with your faces!

Etrysk says:

in the trailer mulan did not see black and white people

Royan Hasjim says:

Love to see Ecto 1 !!! Where's Delorean ?!?

Paul Curran says:

teasing the balls outa maverick for 2 years by the time it actually comes out…….sad face

windows10suxalot says:

So with COV 19 movies just stopped….WTF

Simón Cuadros says:

The sad thing is that we are all in quarantine and can’t go to watch movies.

Jacob Car says:

Is that the last Xmen movie Fox will shit out all over the place?

Jacob Car says:

Are there really people out there, so brain dead, that they're actually excited for that Top Gun garbage? Wow.

American loves wahhabi creed says:

Tom Hanks and his ridiculous stagy murican nationalism syndrome

Wade Langford says:

Coming soon to a theater near you, the reboot and utter destruction of my childhood. Thank you Disney, what's next? Live action Toy Story? X-Men is a horror film, Ghostbusters is serious, Top Gun??? Really??? I love Ryan Reynolds, but did he pick up Fortnite and go "what if"? Mulan without Eddie Murphy? The Rock is a steamboat captain and Jackie Chan/Arnold Schwarzenegger are doing a cocaine fueled vision of something related to Man in the Iron Mask? Oh and Morbius. Sweet, sweet Morbius….Can you say poor timing? Black Widow is a Drama/comedy, and Tom Hanks is doing an over the top attempt at a serious war movie with comically placed decepticon-ish emblems to identify good guys and bad guys. Stop rebooting my childhood you monsters! Hey, wait. remake Castaway with Whoopie Goldberg playing an android Wilson with force powers and have Picard and Spock drop in to fix the timeline, but terminator drag queens are coming and Will Smith can't get his kids to cry on command either and the Stay puft marshmallow man was murdered by the Michelin tire guy and Goku is being sued for sexual harassment by that girl from Thundercats, but there's a 36-minute flashback to the final battle between G.I. Joe and the Transformers where it's revealed that Optimus Prime is the only transformer, and everyone else is a speed mirage created by his depression at killing all of his friends and enemies… Oh and Duke has secretly been Cobra Commander the whole time, even though we've seen them together about a dozen times. Serious plot holes, ret cons, continuity errors, and impossible crossovers everywhere, but I bet $1.38 USD that it's either a record setting blockbuster or a direct-to-DVD. I'm that confident in my new(ish) movie and Hollywood in general.

chadiethea says:

Watch in HD The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2020 (Trailers)
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Ezoneer says:

morbius looks so sick, can't wait tbh

Neutral Tired says:

Why is the new mutants on here? It honestly looks a bit more like a horror movie

Neutral Tired says:

Gotta say, while this look for Task Master is more realistic and tactical, I'm gonna miss the genuine skull mask, I feel like they could've made it work

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