THE BATMAN | Teaser Trailer | Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves, Joaquin Phoenix DC MOVIE

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In 2021 Robert Pattinson is starring in the next Batman move. Tentatively titled “The Batman” it won’t be connected to the main DC universe, but could later be connected if there is a Flashpoint storyline in the Flash solo movie. The film is rumored to involve Joaquin Phoenix as well, but that is so far unconfirmed.

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laura nebular says:

I can still see the sparkle. He needs to be tanned fam.

SpongeBob SquarePants says:

the stupidest thing EVER! … by the way, I love how there’s more dislikes, than likes on this! 😕😂

EDWARD Edward says:

This is not batman

MTGElite33 says:

This is well done

Godfather says:

Thank goodness he dropped out.

brokeo sauraus says:

Every like this comment gets is a confirmation that this fan trailer sucks ass!

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