The Batman (2021) TEASER TRAILER – Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves Film (CONCEPT)

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Teaser Trailer for the heavily anticipated and highly questionable Batman Film adaptation from DC. I honestly think Pattinson is a great actor outside of Twilight and look forward to seeing his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

Parts edited by Julian Bell check out his channel here:


The WB CEO has stated that Batman will get his stand alone movie after Justice League and it will be a clean reboot from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Much like Joaquin Phoenix's "The Joker", The Batman (2021) will no longer be part of the DCEU, but a stand alone movie.

Matt Reeves has stated that his Batman movie will be a point-of-view driven noir tale with heavy focus on Batman's detective work.

Christian Bale said he would only play Batman again if and only if Christopher Nolan directed the film. Nolan said that after The Dark Knight Rises (2012), he will never direct another superhero film again; however, Nolan did contribute as a writer/producer on Man of Steel (2013) and was an executive producer on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

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Blue Eyes says:

Is this Batman also gonna sparkle when he walks into sunlight

Kali H says:

Loved this! What footage did you use? Rob will do a great job as Batman!

Mrs Tréché says:

Omg the teen vampire as 🦇… 😔

Rodney James says:

Pattinson is going to SUCK as Batman, but he could've made a good Riddler lol!

Jordan McBride says:

I hope he gets bigger ears

Find Continuity says:

Just stop already. Cows been milked too hard.

EDWARD Edward says:

Great … He is the best

TerraStone says:

Great job! Used the available footage very effectively


That was epic Robert Pattinson would be Awesome as Batman And I Can’t Wait To See That Movie In 2 Years

Joe Balaich says:

Watch as he becomes one of the great Batman's seen on film like Heath Ledger wowed the world.

Julian Bell says:

Hey if your gonna use any footage I spent time rotoscoping/masking I would liked to at least be credited :/

dtrix10kc says:

He's going to be an excellent Batman! Take my money NOW damn it!

AD_edits says:

What do you guys think of Robert Pattinson as Batman?? Let me know👌

Rebecca B says:

This is amazing my love!!!

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