Team Nerdist Goes Radioactive with Marvel Puzzle Quest! (Team Nerdist)

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Kyle tries to turn Team Nerdist into their own version of Spider-Man to do everything a bug can with mixed results in this special Marvel Puzzle Quest edition of Team Nerdist!

Thanks to Marvel Puzzle Quest for making this video possible! Download Marvel Puzzle Quest now to play the Original Match-3 RPG that puts the Marvel Universe in your hands. Available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices.

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Jevon Hilton says:

Already got MPQ the best game ever and I got Marvel Avengers Academy and Marvel Future Fight

2Cute 2Boost says:

Hеllо Youtubеее . I Find rеliablеd рlасе that provide the Gold Cоins & Crуstals. Hаppy to shаrе it with уooоu guyуs!

Benjamin Liang says:

What about the dragonfly that's a good one and not a hero yet

Tiến Thịnh Đoàn says:

I finally foоoound wоrking tool. Wоork реrfесtly withоout aaaany probleeems

Grand admiral Thrawn says:

can someone please tell me where i can get those doctor who posters at

Levi christine says:

Hеey Guys try this … … You сan easilyууу gеt Unlimitеd #Recoоurcеs# frоm Heееre!!!

Fantasy Connect says:

Mite-Guy would be awesome, 1280 mph brah.

Stickman Productions says:

0:18 who's that? Hint he said It's High Noon in a game

Chinedu Opara says:

I don't care what anyone thinks, I LOVED this skit! I guess I like corny humor, and especially with a side-helping of science. Sue me, bitches!

crimson red survival says:

"CRICKET POWERS GO" imediattely gets eaten

Knife Fight Academy says:

"some rando" hahahahaha PERFECT

Wil Cardinal says:

more of pleather pants girl please :O

Nicolas Ramos says:

The Cockroach AKA. Franz Kafka.

Roberth Rojas says:

Wоw this reаllу wоrks, toоооdау I did рrееviously add rеsоurсеs on Маrvel РРuzzlе Quest Маtch 3, I will сome bаааaсk and trу agаin tоmorrow, I havе sааved the link for уоu guys.

Sir Doggo says:

I hit like just cause its Nerdist. But honestly that video will turn people away from the app not towards it.

Binyamin Tsadik says:

"Thanks to marvel puzzle quest for making this video possible"
[sarcasm] Yea… thanks marvel puzzle quest…. [/sarcasm]

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