SUPER 30 | Hrithik Roshan | Trailer REACTION!

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Here is our reaction to Super 30!

#Super30 #HrithikRoshan


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What did you think??

Yadvendra Pal says:

sir please give your reaction to attack of 26/11 seen

Gursimran Singh Bhatiaa says:

Please watch all the 5 episodes of Chernobyl and react to all 5 episodes. It is just amazing.

Gopala Mohana says:

Hi guys give the review of the KANNADA MOVIE – AVANE SRIMAMNARYANA ..

harshita joshi says:

Kindly react to a day with RD Sharna TVF it's a awesome and funny video

Himadri Ghoshal says:

Hrithik Roshan needs Make-up to look bad..

Alisha D. says:

React to Koi mil gaya next!

Suraj Kumar says:

I see maqbool !! noice guys 🙂

Rahul Deshpande says:

Dont know why he says NASA, he should be saying ISRO. 😀

GeeKay17994 says:

"d day" trailer

Rohan Bhandari says:

The opening, Korbin killed it.. 😂😂😂

sumit200in says:

Both of u…so irritating…

Roger Gaile says:

Yeah no he's definitely got some paint on his face

Abhijeet Dangi says:

one dislike only for overacting

rohit singh says:

you should have to react on movie Wednesday

apoorv maiya says:

React to Kannada movie avane shrimanaryana satring rakshith shetty

Sudendu Gupte says:

This is a true story of a mathematician who stated teaching students for IIT in Rajasthan and today students from all over country go there to learn and now.

Bharath Sathya says:

Watch kanaa

Ashish Gaur says:

Hrithik 😘😘😘😘

Sibananda Mallick says:

Tralar is beautiful. Hirthik brilliant actor

Ashish kumar Mishra says:

For better Hritik u may try for Guzarish which also a best movie.

Arijit Chakraborty says:

Other actors need make up to look good. Hrittik need make up to look bad.

Sultan Mirza says:

Did anyone noticed "MAQBOOL" behind them…

Supriya Patra says:

U won't understand the Coching culture we have in India…

ahmad zahir zahir says:

It is Guzaarish and please watch that movie

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