Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin’s Opening Monologue: 2010 Oscars

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Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, co-hosts of the 82nd Academy Awards.

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SideShow says:

George Clooney’s face is priceless ???

Arjun Unnikrishnan says:

"Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock?" "Well tonight we may find out"…….

And then her husband cheated on her. Yikes.

Bond Pyant says:

"Hey, there's George Clooney"…silence….! That's fucked up!

Helen says:

Alec Baldwin, the dilf of our generation

Aakash Shaji says:

more like a duologue

eight inches says:

What's George Clooney's problem?

Gail F says:

No I don't think George Clooneys expressions were staged. They look pretty genuine to me. Clooney has a sense of humor but he's also got a pissy side too

Athena Rose Corleone says:

I will fight anyone who disagrees with the fact, that the Christoph Watlz joke was the best.

Daria Werner says:

“And look! There’s that damn Helen mirren! -it’s DAME helen mirren”

hams morka says:

OMG..i saw Robin Williams at the back of Jeff Bridges but im looking for adorable Colin Firth if he is there..but God Damn.Steve Martin is sooo hot..

Werner Julinho Mantilla Pizarro says:

Was George Clooney really upset or what?

Roxanne Tosini says:

Am I the only who thought they were amazing hosts??

Goon Tunes says:

@7:42 a young Matt Watson from SuperMega bored out of his mind.

Tarik Sous says:

And this is Donald Trump

There can be Only One Potato says:

they nominated Zombieland

And not scott pilgrim…

erepsekahs says:

can someone please tell me what on earth alec baldwin has ever done that anyone would remember him for?  He looks like and sounds like a slightly overweight not-too-bright thickie rough.

Tarmazing says:

2:59 damn hellen mirren

Di Wang says:

GOd has feathers. GOD's spirit moves like yogi

Addison Lai says:

3:26 Who is the actor siting beside Meryl Streep?

Fuck off says:

vera fermiga is beautiful so is her sos

Marco Diaz says:

Imagine the Nickelodeon Kids choice awards acting like the oscars, and we'd have Lincoln Loud like Steve Martin and Timmy Turner like Alec Baldwin as the hosts.

RedWingLad says:

Before political correctness and liberal propaganda infested Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin says:

Who is that sexy man?

pankaj B says:

Well, oscar hosting has always been pretty average compared to golden globe's hosting. Except for billy crystal, steve martin and hugh jackman, no one really stood out whereas globes have always given us those memorable one-liners from the likes of tina / amy and ricky gervais. Maybe the oscar producers want to keep the show classy though boring!

24 vargas says:

pretty mean dude… glad we  evolved a bit as a culture.

popactor says:

What is Donald Trump is doing with Steve Martin?

Claudia Franco says:

Two observations.
1. Meryl Streep is in every year at the Oscars. There’s always a joke about her in every opening monologue.
2. Times before Amal Clooney

Fabian Patrizio says:

Clooney is such a dickhead

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