Star Wars Isn’t Special Anymore (RedLetterMedia)

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Tickety Blue says:

I hated Star Wars for years after working for Disney.

Nonah Yobusiness says:

Mike Stoklasa. nailed it. We are living in a really F'd up world these days. There are some really screwed up immature human beings walking around. Weird.

93hothead says:

George lucas wants to die

Tab Utu says:

It's Very Cool because It's All About Family.

Bobjuniorman says:

I personally loved The Last Jedi and I have to agree with them on this. As much as I’m honestly enjoying this sequel trilogy so far, I still dislike how Disney’s handling the franchise overall. I just want them to put out one good sequel trilogy and then give it a rest, but now it’s like we’re going to be getting a Star Wars movie every other month until the fucking universe implodes.

tucker3601 says:

Fuck Kathleen Kennedy

breasthound says:

The fucks I give for Star Wars at this point only exists in a galaxy far, far away.

Castle says:

Star Wars… Like many others. Has a very special meaning to me. It is SPECIAL to me still. I love it, and I am enjoying this new direction.


You know what? These fellas are right. And i must say, this is the most relaxed and and entertaining debate about what Star Wars has become, that i've seen so far.

Just Mike says:

Star Wars is dead.

juesebelmont says:

It's about family

dana szabados says:

They are lying it's still special

Inspadave says:

Someday the BDVs at Red Letter Media will realize they are as irrelevant as Star Wars itself.

bepis boy says:

I think these guys might understand having some fun if they weren't in their circlejerk dungeon all day

MforMovesets says:

SW 4-6 are still special, who cares if it isn't special now as long as it exists!?

S L says:

It's mostly white people.

Drew Thompson says:

It's a family film.

ASHTRAYS remembered says:

I enjoyed this more on their channel

Albin Nilsson says:

There should be some somber music in the background.

Peter Dwyer says:

They clips are truly retarded. Grown adults acting like brain dead sheep. Zombie nation

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