South Korean Trailer Reaction: Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula

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s0litudin0us says:

I think South Korean movies are a great addition to your repertoire. If you haven’t seen Snowpiercer (the film not the show), it’s a must see.


Train to Busan is so awesome and it is maybe the most popular Korean movie in India. React to The Handmaiden Trailer, another Korean movie, it won BAFTA for Best International Film and was in Cannes Film Festival's competition section.

Jaust Mike says:

I hope you eventually review the Revenge trilogy films of Park Chan Wook. Starting with maybe Oldboy. 👍

Vijay Rajput says:

Scientist mixing chemicals, classic idea😅😅

Dead Soul says:

You need to actually not react but see the korean series kingdom ,its great zombie series


please react to goblin trailer its a kdrama and its main actor is the guy from train to busan and a korean movie divine fury its really nice

Miruj Saikia says:

Please read to other Assamese film trailer Kothanodi as it's director is same as Aamis

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