Shirley – Official Trailer (2020) Elisabeth Moss

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The Invisible Man’s Elisabeth Moss portrays the author of The Haunting of Hill House in this psychological thriller from NEON.

Renowned horror writer Shirley Jackson is on the precipice of writing her masterpiece when the arrival of newlyweds upends her meticulous routine and heightens tensions in her already tempestuous relationship with her philandering husband. The middle-aged couple, prone to ruthless barbs and copious afternoon cocktails, begins to toy mercilessly with the naïve young couple at their door.

The cast includes Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young and Logan Lerman.

Directed by Josephine Decker and written by Sarah Gubbins, Shirley is now available on VOD.



alex logan says:

the invisible man was meh btw

joe Fish says:

0:28 this gonna be 3 or 4 times of Elisabeth Moss is a Witch You did already tell me

Danyal Elia says:

I swear everything has LGBT element nowadays… it's like they are the majority of human population.

JR Z11 says:


Val Brindilles says:

Elisabeth Moss always incroyable, never the same. I love her since Mad Men 😍💐

Aavv Wide says:

Subcribe guys badrul tuuber

dantelo88 says:

The black Swan minus the ballet

Da_Host L3GT says:

My eyes hurt watching this

Rodimus Prime says:

tired of ever hollywood trailer using the same type of editing these days with the clicking sounds matching the music ques etc..been done to death now

Majin Susangz says:

…and don’t call me Shirley

PublicEnemy-1 says:

Idk man, this trailer looks pretty insulting to Shirley Jackson. I assume it’s gonna focus more on scares rather than Jackson’s incredible talent for writing. Jackson deserves a biopic, not a jump scare.

Gaby Gibson says:

This actually looks and sounds amazing.

Romolu Djabari says:

I'm Intrigued

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