SHAFT – Restricted Trailer | RED BAND | – REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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SHAFT - Restricted Trailer | RED BAND| - REACTION and REVIEW!!!

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Hey! Welcome to the Crew! We are the MackeyFam. We do daily vlog, travels and adventures over on our vlog channel. But here we react to everything and anything we into! Subscribe and geek out with us over all the fun things!!!

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MackeyFam Reacts says:

Hey Reacts Crew!!! Who is excited for this one?! WE ARE!

steeleforce13 says:

Watch my movie… And SHUT YO MOUTH!!! 😎

Annie P.A. Thai says:

could you guys react to MV màu nước mắt, i bet u gonna blow your mind

Lou Sytsma says:

Please react to The Goldfinch Trailer .

Jacob Sylvers says:

React to the Jedi Fallen Order E3 gameplay trailer

the A-gang says:

After endgame I can't see another movie😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭


You guys need to react to “The chosen One” and “The greatest teacher failure is” you guys would love them!!

NeVeR_DiE 2804 says:

Damn it’s age-restricted

Sheev Palpatine says:

You guys should react to the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer!

Serena V says:

not my kind of show but nice review
hey just wondering can we get a reaction to the new pokemon sword and Shield trailer .

Andrew Berens says:

I love mackyfam

TheLionKing 2019 says:

Please React to the lion king new trailer please🦁💖

Anthony Kulik says:

3:34 "Jumping onboard the shaft?" Did she honestly just say that at the end of the video 😂😂😂😂 To be honest guys, I really don't give a crap about this particular Samuel L Jackson movie, because of how corny it looks. It breaks my heart to say that, he has a very broad, multi layered, extensive career that I love, but this is a cheesy, popcorn, cash grab flick, with no meaning. This film has Shaft Sr, Jr, and baby shaft? Ok😕. What's next cousin of shaft? Shafts sister. They talk about pussy in the trailer for God sake 🧐🤭, I didn't see that one coming to be honest, usually trailers try to be PC for the most part. Love your channel, how is the weather in Colorado? 😁😁😁😁 hope u guys are having a wonderful day.

soccertl says:

LOL, that was funny. Yes, going to see this.

Denis D says:

O…M…G!! Yes Yes M-F-ing YES!!!

John Smith says:

Samuel L Jackson is a legend man

Kyojin_9 says:

Can anyone please make a joke about the name of the movie

Best one gets more likes

Bouhhg Z says:

I loved the last part ; where SLJ claims his disgust of being compared to Lawrence Fishburne 😂😄😂

Scuba Steve says:

Lol. Great reaction guys!

Andrew Pragasam says:

Am I crazy or does this look like the most fun Shaft movie ever? Also: Amy mimed a curse word?! I am shocked and appalled ma'am. 😄

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