SERENITY Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) NEW 2019

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SERENITY Trailer 2 (4K ULTRA HD) NEW 2019
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Baker Dill is a fishing boat captain who leads tours off of the tranquil enclave of Plymouth Island. His peaceful life is soon shattered when his ex-wife Karen tracks him down. Desperate for help, Karen begs Baker to save her -- and their young son -- from her violent husband. She wants him to take the brute out for a fishing excursion -- then throw him overboard to the sharks. Thrust back into a life that he wanted to forget, Baker now finds himself struggling to choose between right and wrong.

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HighMojo says:

Who else came because they thought Serenity meant Firefly?

Zakaria chentoufi says:

فلم رائع جدا 🎞🎞🎞😍😍😍😍

WarmSoupBelly says:

Am i to assume this has nothing to do with malcolm reynalds' crew?

Vbis says:

Го взаимку!)

Windson Ma says:

Not to be Confused with the Nathen Fillion and Summer Galu Film I guess?

Starlight Music says:

Who else came because of the thumbnail?

IzNova says:


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