Robert Pattinson Cast As Batman In The New 2021 DC Matt Reviews Solo Movie | NEWS

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Robert Pattinson Cast As Batman In The New 2021 DC Matt Reviews Solo Movie | NEWS by Deffinition, Dark Knight News, DC Movie Slate, Batman Plot, The Batman story, Batman Spoilers, New Caped Crusader News, Nicholas Hoult

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Ok so If you’ve been following the channel since day one then you’ll know that I actually started this up as a Batman graphic novel review channel and I’ve been pretty obsessed with the character since my grandad gave me a comic at 3 with the dark knight splashed across the front page.

Hell, I was even one of the three people that actually liked Batman V Superman, so naturally, I, like I’m sure many have been pretty glued to the whole back and forth casting news about who could play the new caped crusader.

Well, it looks like we finally have confirmation that Robert Pattinson will replace Ben Affleck as the titular character in the upcoming Matt Reeves film: Batman.

Variety has reported that it’s between him and Nicholas Hoult with Pattinson edging out over the other actor of Deadpool fame.

Now as always, whenever someone is cast as the character there’s a huge ordeal about it over the internet with many kinda shouting down the choice and stating how bad it will be.

Even my wife and mates messaged me this morning saying he’s gonna suck but I think he may just be ok.

We saw this originally with Michael Keaton when he was put in the role and Pattinson is no different. However, I actually think the guy may be ok in the role. Now does he jump out as perfect casting to me?

No not really.

But I’ve been wrong before and initially, I hated the news on Affleck but once he was in the role I thought he was the most accurate representation that we’ve ever had on screen.

Still, this is going to be a controversial one with Pattinson having not really done anything major since the Twilight series that birthed his career.

I think if he bulks up he definitely had the look and he’s already used to playing a solitary vampire which Is pretty similar to Batman when you think about it.

I think Hollywood is dropping this just before they confirm the contract to double check they are doing the right thing but for me I just want them to get this project off the ground and actually make the movie.

Batman is still scheduled for its June 25, 2021, release so hopefully this is fully confirmed in the next couple of days and we can get the ball rolling with saving the DC universe, whatever it takes…sorry wrong franchise.

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deffinition says:

So, what are your thoughts on this casting news? Do you think he'll do the role Justice (pun intended)???

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Liann Joseph Philip says:

Nooooo why him?!!

I M Chawnghmunte says:

Im no longer watching batman movies……

Dana Shackleford says:

Armies hammer wouldve Been better

John Seve Insigne says:

scott adkins is batman

gacha stars says:

I loveeeeee him


Rip DC Marvel best

ROCKY_BALBOA__03 Fortnite says:

Sylvester Stallone should play the new Batman 😂😂😂

ROCKY_BALBOA__03 Fortnite says:

He’s a terrible choice

Maxy Bryan Rumagit says:

People forget that this is the Matt Reeves version of Batman. Which is said that this movie is focusing on the Batman's Detective side. Maybe he could pull it off, his acting is good though. Just a couple of muscle gain he's good to go.

Wyman Kemble says:

recast Robert Pattinson as the joker in the movie as batman hell no.

Erick Garcia says:

You know I was going to make a rant but really he just needs to beef up a lot and change some small things

Black ovan Paul says:

Garbage Batman Dark Knight for ever in DC

SAM Jain says:

No don't Don't spoil.the DC UNIVERSE BEN AFLEX IS BEST for the BATMAN

Christian. lennon1979 says:

Yes, he is most accurate look to the comic book Bruce Wayne, he’ll need to seriously bulk up, change hairstyle I don’t know how he’ll pull off Batman but yes I think we’re on right path c’mon this is a Matt Reeves movie he would only do it he told Warner Brothers if he had complete control of casting everything if reeves is happy with him then we’re looking at the most iconic on screen batman and his physique looks perfect for Batman’s martial arts skills, only watched first twilight not my kind of thing but he’ll he was great actor Matt Reeves happy with him then it’ll be good

Crispey Bussle says:

I honestly wanted Jon Ham from Mad Men as Batman. I never would have thought that the dude from Twilight would be cast as Batman someday. I guess anything is possible

Davidsuper1215 Zhong says:

Batman video game series (mainly telltale & arkham series) review?

lee스마일테디 says:

Bad wrong casting. Ashton kutcher plz ~~ e yes plz

whylordwhy yeptheysuck says:

omg I thought they were just joking but it's true. DC has finally hit the bottom of the bucket you stupid pieces of fucking shit nugget monkey nut sack licking finger shit sucking toe nail eating gingivitis asshole motherfuckers. I give the fuck up who in the hell is in charge of these movies.

a a says:

He definitely will kill it. Batman walks out and everyone laughs. Robin he could be but batman. thin vampire yeah that might be a bat…

Yagami Girl_20 says:

Robert Pattinson will be awesome 👏🏽✊🏼🦇

Hamfists Man says:

They haven't cast batman right yet.

AjI2017 says:

they did not confirm this yet. I am not sure why everyone gets information from another media source to claim false confirmation. If you want to put a possible fact on your channel, call warner brothers to confirm this, not another second party media source!!! what is wrong with you people

AjI2017 says:

They did not confirm this is definite yet. It is amazing for much access we have to social media and they can not get the facts strait.!!

Hey Its DaiSy says:

So who’s the next joker for this movie?

Tony Salasjr says:

I wonder if justice league WAR will be next on this DC franchise… good idea..

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