Robert Pattinson Batman Begins Teaser Trailer 2021

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So I Made This Just To Get a quick glimpse And a slight Feel of Battinson, or Pat -Man if he's to be cast as The Batman, Sources say he will be a younger batman, which is what I personally prefer, And I may even make a full trailer to this soon using batman the animated series as source material as I hear the director matt reeves is a huge fan.


MR Scene IT ALL says:

If its true then good luck To Robert!

kingofpopVEVO says:

The Perfect Batman Is Robert Pattinson

D E A D M E says:

Was it real??


That was epic

10 Of The Best says:

said it before some of your videos are completely under rated dude the stories and clips you use are great, compared to some of the popular fan made channels yours are way more original.

SR Striker says:

So for my Victorian Avengers, do you think they should be set in London or America?

Batmanguy 1 says:

Love your take on things its the best teaser ive seen good mash up

Fake Trailer says:

You know what villain will in the movie?

Fake Trailer says:

I think armie hammer better


If they do this I hope the trailer is in this style batman begins teaser was awesome I never thought batman until the end

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