RLM Highlights: VHS in Acetone

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From Best of the Worst Episode 33.

View full episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsnzlIests4


TheKZOShow says:

I've never heard anything explained as precise before I got learned on acetone!

jdion79 says:

can we all agree that we need more scientist man?

YouFoolWarrenIsDead says:

This is borderline experimental.

Willem Heida says:

Martyn Poliakoff looking young af.

D Howison says:

Scientist Man, will I get the same results if I put a human body into a vessel of acetone?

Beef Chavez says:

"I never should have dropped out of scientist school"
Does one attend scientist school to learn… scientology?

Billy Boid says:

Back of the Lighting Fast VCR set on the right there.. Illusion ruined forever!!

BlueShit199 says:

Drunk scientists are the best.

Alby Vale says:

Well the jar sucks but its music has some staying power.

Danny Jensen says:

guys I think scientist man may in fact not be a real scientist

KMAC says:

"Oh god it fuckin stinks."

Laura Keeble says:

"Rubbly glovs" omfg

Cole C. says:

Good job. ten out of ten

HitchensImmortal says:

Looks recoverable.

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