Previously Recorded – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Rich and Jack play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. A game about exploration, broken swords, survival, broken swords, adventure, and broken swords.

Rich Evans
Jack Packard

Edited By:
Jack Packard

Background music by:
Blue Mystery Block

End Credit Song:
“Do or Die” by Stuart Bogie


Isaiah Loewen says:

I loved the food cooking but that's just me

GamerWho says:

I'd argue that the music in BotW is actually very good. There's just not 200 hours of it to fill your play through. The Hyrule castle music is beyond epic.

David Polsdorfer says:

That ending though…
But seriously, thanks for validating my love of this game. I'll say that I actually liked the music. While I was playing, I also thought that it sounded like temp music, but my explanation was that the director liked the temp music so much that they just didn't bother with recording it with the full orchestra. I think its goal is to provide atmosphere, sink below the surface so that you pay more attention to the sfx of the world itself (the galloping horse, the wind, etc.). It only emerges as a cue (enemy fights) or at times when you might need another layer of sound to provide atmosphere (traveling from one place to another, talking to an npc). It treads a line between unique, and not being noticed.

obese person says:

buy the game for gerudo link

Cristian Maldonado says:

I loved the cooking, for me it was relaxing

Ralphie Cifaretto says:

Nintendo controllers aren't evolving? Really? Every controller they've ever come up with their competitors have ripped off their newest features. That could be the dumbest thing ever said on this show

Ralphie Cifaretto says:

Beginning of Review:
Zelda games are too alike
End of Review:
Not enough like Zelda

24fretsoffury says:

i disagree with the music critque, the music is broken just like Hyrule. They wanted the sounds of the environment to be front and center, with long moments of silence…its called BREATH OF THE WILD FFS …but i do miss the epic zelda tunes.
BUT! After completing all of the Krass shrine quests, and the baby birds in the village quests..the mix of the baby birds singing and Krass's accordion AND the music of the Rito village is fucking great.

Eliednay Chirinos says:

%c% Download Zelda Breath Of The Wild

jebasta says:

Apple V and Apple C? Devs don't work on Macs, Jack. :p

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