Previously Recorded – Cuphead

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Rich and Jack play Cuphead, a Run & Gun shooter whose art looks pretty OK I guess.

Rich Evans
Jack Packard

Edited By:
Jack Packard

Background music by:
Blue Mystery Block

Illustrations by:
Juan Grande Franco

End Credit Song:
“Do or Die” by Stuart Bogie


LauraOlsonBlue says:

If this game came out when i was a kid my whole life would have been different

Slider2k says:

4 months… no new Previously Recorded (the reason this channel was worth it), you lazy fucks. Unsubbed.

jonhon says:

the game is $20, rewarding and incredibly entertaining. buy it regardless of whether some people were anticipating it before its release.

Coop Cheese says:

so, the sequel is chuck jones style and more of a mega man rip off. i'd be down for that.

Ernest Goes to Madeas says:

Whether people want to admit it or not, this game is overrated. There isn't shit on Xbox right now in terms of exclusives worth caring about, this is probably the best one, and people (including Microsoft) are treating it like a $60 AAA console seller instead of of really good $30 indie gem. It's a fine game, but overrated as fuck.

Ethan K. says:

It's been forever since we had a new Previously Recorded.  ;-(. You're making me cry Rich Evans.

The Greatest Detective says:

To be fair, the art direction for the game is REALLY cool.

Bryce Chaffey says:

"Divinity: Original Sin 2" guys. I know you have some life absorbing games in your lives already, but this couch coop is worthy of pre-rec. Don't take my word on it either, it is still coming up in conversation in a time when games are forgotten a month after release.

Charles Evans says:

The music is actually a little off in style. A little too much over the top and uncontrolled for the horns. It's great music, but the style is clearly contemporary imitation of the music they intended. Art style is perfect, though.

Fiona Travoulf says:

The style of 'Cuphead' is that of the old Max Fleischer Paramount cartoons. The style was 'ball and string' pegboard cel animation. There isn't really a steamboat willie or Tex Avery influence, Fleischer is the main influence here.

Mad Salt says:

3 months since a review? 🙁

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