Point Blank Trailer

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Out in Cinemas June 10, 2011

Everything is going well for Samuel (Gilles Lellouche; Tell Know One/ Sherlock Holmes/ Mesrine/ Little White Lies) and Nadia (Elana Anaya; The Skin I Live In/ Sex and Lucia/ Van Helsing/ Talk to Her/ Mesrine), his beautiful wife. He is studying to become a registered nurse and she is expecting their first child. But everything changes when Nadia is kidnapped right in front of Samuel, who is knocked out cold, trying to stop the kidnapper. When he comes to, his phone is ringing; he has just three hours to get Startet (Roschdy Zem; Just Like a Woman/ The Cold Light of Day), a man who is under police surveillance, out of the hospital. Samuel's destiny, now lays in the hands of Startet, a man who is not only wanted by the police! If Samuel wants to see his wife again, he has to act fast.


rizkan m says:

Kadaram kondan is remake of this

Lolo Al says:

شكله بطل👍

Fabio Testa says:


FatalitY 1995 says:

Спасибо русским прокатчикам, что перевели этот фильм на наш язык,фильм бомба

Pedro Ribeiro says:

vi o filme e bom ,agora seus otarios nada tem a ver com merda de jogo nenhum.

Prince says:

Is there a number 2 out anytime soon?! I rate this a 10/10

PunjabiM8 says:

Cool trailer. I just saw the whole movie now. :

Uvix says:

Thats a realy good movie!

Tiago Da Silva Dantas says:

Ninguém falo que o filme tinha a ver cm o jogo, point Blank e so o nome do filme,
Quem concorda da um joinha ae :-):-)

EnergY | PC Gaming says:

para quem acha q isso daqui é point blank …. cara é um filme tá ? point blank é ponto branco ou vazio….n tem porra nenhuma a ver com o jogo…

simbad909 says:

great movie…. yes .. the theme is so often used in N American movies.. but this french thing just rocked…. great characters and performances…. hope they (the cast) do more … great chemistry.
8.5 / 10

rrodrigues223 says:

Não tem nada a ver com o jogo

Bigfilmhat says:

Very good film. I missed my intended film by 5 minutes and said "what the hell I'll just see this instead". Glad I did.

Fabio Clima says:

Ja ten no Brasil???

Dario R says:

great movie ! european cinema much better than american …………..

ButterfingerBB says:

Rockstar Games brought me here

Saxygall Dem says:

simply AMAZING!!!!!

Funnerism says:

@iDEBAYtv Actually, they just did. Have you heard of Safe House? It's basically Point Blank in English

achmad idham says:

is this film inspired from game online??????

badmystik1 says:

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doreen brown says:

I been lovin Foreign movies lately great plots great story lines just awsome

Emin & Gray says:

It's all about the subtitled movies.. Loving them.. There's a whole world out there of rich story driven plots.. Shame Holly-CGI-wood doesn't know about a good storyline..

Stringer Bell says:

@iDEBAYtv Taken springs to mind. So no don't expect a remake…

dominoc5 says:

@MrMbmarc I think 96 hrs is already out :p

HAMandCHEESEsucka says:

the black guy kinda looks like ray lewis….. sort of……

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