POINT BLANK Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo Netflix Action Movie HD

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new movie trailer for Point Blank


Kovu Koinu says:

Frank Grillo: exists
me: i have a crush on an OLD MAN

여배순임 says:

this is good

Logan Cale says:

Este tráiler està genial. @@@@@@

derol bailley says:

Omg 😆😂😂😂

pema tobgay says:

After having that bad ass fight in the shield hq, we had to team up.. And now we are buddies 😂

John Bounds says:

Just say “Grillo is in it.” Ok, I’m reaching for my wallet…”car wash fight scene”…ok, here’s my money.

Just Some Guy with Depression says:

Hail Hydra

WR Тимчик says:

Wow, Grillo!

Liricalgenius Vevo says:

I just came from "Black and Blue" trailor….now this….I guess the movie industry is pointing out that cops are so fucked up

Matthew Cool says:

"I have pepper spray in my purse."

"I have a gun in my pants."

Best comeback ever.

TheUnthinkable says:

"It's the Falcon!" -Scott Lang

Ammar Menacer says:

Avengers civil life 🤣😂😂

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