POINT BLANK Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo Netflix Action Movie HD

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POINT BLANK Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo Netflix Action Movie HD

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Evillution says:

Falcons first mission with hydra before recieving the shield.

Genomcyber says:

i wanna see this movie.. right now xD

Titi Sien says:

Movie sucks

KilroyKilled says:

Is it Shitcago, the corrupt city?

Kanan Channel says:

2008 Point Blank was a game
2019 Point Black netflix movie

Truly says:

He’s in another movie coming out called black and blue where he plays a dirty cop wtf

Weird Viking says:

Only watching this for Frank Grillo.

Steve says:

No more striking vipers lol

Дмитрий Р. says:

Effective people.

Kent Darden says:

Is it just me or is Netflix putting out some real cool movies? the Falcon and Crossbones. Hell Yeah!! 🙂

Darth Desec says:

I like Frank Grillo.

Charisma says:

Can’t look at this guy the same since striking vipers

Stephen H says:

Hmm, Frank Grillo. Very hit and miss actor.

Andrew Brown says:

uggg that song has been used in a few movie trailers -lame !! using video game references to be hip – who is directing this a 16 yr old ! ? Somehow needed to put that in the script to what school the audience ?

John Doe says:

That's the guy who should be batman

Eren Uğur says:

point blank oyun değil mi amk

Arma Lol says:

must be funded by propaganda democratic retard

DanKen139 says:

So the Punished with Falcon with no suit? ….I watch.

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