POINT BLANK Official Trailer (2019) Anthony Mackie Netflix Action Movie HD

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POINT BLANK Official Trailer (2019) Anthony Mackie Action Movie HD
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T B says:

Came here from watch the BLACK AND BLUE trailer

jlin9853 says:

bad cop no donut

Raynard Coleman says:

Sorry but this guy will forever be known as the down low brother from black mirror.

1- man Army says:

The lady at the end🤦‍♂️

jezieltzouro says:

Netflix always make awesome trailers, that scary me hahahahahah

DuBez37 says:

this looks awesome

Steven Bryant says:

Damn how'd Antony Mackie get "black sidekick'd" in his own movie?

Olaolu Ade says:

has Frank Grillo ever played the good guy in anything. This would be a first for me

George Donald says:

Shit! The song?! Ice Cube?!

Maxx Barzz says:

I can't take him seriously after he fucked his homeboi in Black Mirror

Christian Christensen says:

Okay, but was that Chumlee in the trailer?

Kyler T. says:

His real name is Clarance


More like civil war rip-off

Joe Fabela says:

The defibrillator scene had me at Yes but rest has me going HELL YEAH!!!

Joey says:

Stop messing around falcon do a captain America movie 🍿 we ready.

Sonwabile Rwaxa says:

Is that Cube?


Ramlow and captain America working together… nice

yorgiramos says:

score from hotel mumbai trailer?

Dangerfield says:

Crossbones and Falcon working together. Nice.

BADLUX says:

This guy's an Avenger? His real name's Clarence

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