Plinkett And Friends Talk About The Star Wars Prequels in 2002

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Plinkett (Mike Stoklasa) from RedLetterMedia and his pals Rich Evans and Jay Bauman talk about the prequels and the Star Wars franchise as a whole.


RedCalx Z says:

Is that dude wearing a South Park Aphex Twin shirt?

Antonio Montenegro says:

Ron Howard’s movie prediction

Caleb Smith says:

Mike sounds like Matthew Broaderick

Caleb Smith says:

They need to bring these other people to slowly replace the current cast we all loved, just like Ep 7

Caleb Smith says:

When rich had hair..

TylerIsAWolf says:

It's been 16 years since this video was filmed, and 17 years from when it was filmed to when Return of the Jedi came out.


thomas 2001 says:

Jay looks like Klopek from The 'Burbs

Stomedy's says:

Damn Mike was handsome

Elsie Doomhammer says:

Oh my gaaaawsh! Look at the RLM crew! Man… I wish id met them back then and been their bud while they got all popular. They seem like such cool dudes 🙂 But now Im sure the fan girls like me are a dime a dozen :p

Old Cyril The Gaming Grandpa says:

Holy fuck, I can't believe that hideous creature turned into the world's most sexiest man (Jay of course).

bladerunner12 says:

What the hell is Rich Evans doing with that pretentious folded hand, fingers on his chin thing

Alexander Cruz says:

I want that chick

Jeff Tang says:

"give to ron howard" hahah you got your wish with solo

Jeff Tang says:

I want to see a "Plinkett And Friends Talk About The Star Wars Last Jedi" in this same format haha

arayagirenepikmuzik says:

Sex is gonna last forever

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