“Oh no, no no no no no, you’ve misunderstood.”

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Redlettermedia’s Mike Stoklasa in Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Worst #16


EdSkywalker says:

Mike probably has a few dead hookers in his trunk

Izzettron says:

When someone says that the new DCEU movies are still going to be good.

TheBEAST205 says:

How are you going to monetize content made from another yt creator dude? OP is a complete faggot. Reported to yt for copyright infringement.

Just Some Aussie says:

Oh yes, yes yes yes yes yes, i like this video

Jack Alchem says:

When plinkket is inocent

MDA TAMU says:

My reaction when I told someone Disney bought Star Wars and they thought I was kidding.

Gryphon says:

This scene haunts my memories when I think of… "No".

Snarky Scotsman says:

When you beat the boss with one estus flask left and it has a second stage.

Griffin Tremaine says:

He clearly says "you misunderstood" not "you have"

Element says:

GTA 5 online's development team to casual players.

CallMe_Red_ says:

Why was this in my recommended?

Father Bones says:

When people expected Darling in FranXX be like Little Witch Academy

TheEric1203 says:

Someone please gif this

Gato Incógnito says:

Let's do it again, only this time faster and more intense. Changes speed to 2x

Hack Frauds says:

When you find out DC hired the Vacation directors to make Flashpoint

okinweginwhable says:

When your friend thinks CoD lootboxes will be cosmetic items only

Carlos Marcus says:

When you're a grad student and someone says you must love the Big Bang Theory…

TWO76 says:

Mike preempting the Last Jedi

Crossbone Vanguard says:

When your friend starts making a move on you.

The Giallo Room says:

I’m here for the J&B.

Donald Jabibski says:

Why is he drinking scotch straight from the bottle.

Sam Gourhan says:

Context plz?

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