OFFICIAL SECRETS Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Thriller Movie

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OFFICIAL SECRETS Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Thriller Movie
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Movie Coverage says:

The NEW Official Trailer with Keira Knightley is here 😉 >>

Veronica Marmoreo says:

What is the song in this trailer?

DhaanNL says:

that looks good!!!

rama rambo says:

Both have evil face…Bush and that suckers that i forgot the name (british PM)

macca676 says:

Could you please make the trailer just a little bit more annoying. I was almost able to watch it to the end.

InvisibleStar says:

Can’t wait!


Once upon a time it was called treason and they gave you a cigarette and some bullets.

Logan Paul says:

That disgusting woman should be in prison

Rachel S. says:

Welcome to the new world order, based on a true story. Happening in a country near you.

Joe Smith says:

Take my money! I want to see this so bad. Keira ! Keira ! Keira !!!

vclamp says:

… and there are so many worse than the Downing Street Memo…

I mean, um. No comment!

diana yusof says:

This kind of movie is great but do people ever get the lesson learn? Many innocent people died from wars. Im shameful as another human myself. How do Intelligence prevent such wars from happening? The kind that put humanity first and not political interest.

Megumi Hayashida says:

You know it's getting serious when Keira is not wearing a renaissance corset dress.

Gregory Reshetniak says:

Damn, what a cast!

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