OFFICIAL SECRETS Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Thriller Movie HD

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OFFICIAL SECRETS Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Matt Smith Movie HD
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ONE Media says:

The NEW official Trailer is here 😉 >>

Becky Plourde says:

I would love to see this movie right now and I love thiller movies alot.

ארטיום רום says:

1:50 Don't worry. Doctor WHO got this

Ryuk Lannister says:

Damn between the music and shots, my heart rate is so fucking high

Nell C says:

That cast though 👌🏽

Guugle Buugle says:

No mention of Israeli involvement in drumming up that facade of a war. Sigh…

Joe Murdoch says:

Russian kgb admitted that they sold nuclear weapons to Saddam Hussein. Those weapons have never been accounted for. In the months leading up to the insertion into Iraq it was the UN who blocked not only inspections of sites, but inspections of military transports going into Syria. One of the primary opponents of this was Kofi Annan, who was the head of the UN and also doing business with Hussein. All Hussein had to do was provide proof that he had destroyed his weapons allow inspections, which was what he agreed to do to stay in power, and failed to do either. The war was also not illegal. Based on the same agreements, any member nation could go into Iraq.

John Sandate says:

Oh yeah, now make a movie about how a Brit had the high moral ground to do something about “it”. Great timing.

Nickname 42 says:

Keira Knightley, at least she has the courage to be ugly and beautiful in one person

Issachar says:

The same media that gleefully took part in promoting the war now wishes to entertain us with some of the facts many were mocked for saying at the time.

Vood jin says:

Muricas Media exposes the crimes of the US-Government, so it's basically a fantasy movie…

Natasha Gaia says:

Lol, ALL AND EVERY GOVERNMENT LIES, whats new pussy cat, wryooowwwwowowow

christopher langston says:

They should do a movie about how the Obama administration started wars in Syria and Egypt? But they won't because Democrats never do anything wrong

Just Hamza says:

God I love the way she speak.

Conal Nisbet says:

All they need is a Theresa May cameo and this would be an accurate representation of current Britain

tharrison004 says:

I wish we had Journalist and Government employees that told the truth today,everybody's so damn afraid to say anything.War is profitable to some people in Power,the more Wars we have the richer they get.

Rania Zaou says:

Seeing what has Iraq come to
I despise USA.. They ruined it, they complain about Isis but isis only started after that damn war, America will fall very hard and I hope to live to the day it happens 💁

Angus Emery says:

Shittest soundtrack, sounds like a cat ran across a piano

DJHitman X says:

I'm watching this trailer too early by coincidence. Thumbs up here for no reason at all 😃😃😃😃

Kalma Lang says:

No one:
Hey what about those war crimes and whistleblowers?

Let's make some bank off that…

Sharafa Balogun says:

I can't wait to see this movie

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