OFFICIAL SECRETS Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Matt Smith Movie HD

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OFFICIAL SECRETS Official Trailer (2019) Keira Knightley, Matt Smith Movie HD

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In 2003, as politicians in Britain and the US angle to invade Iraq, GCHQ translator Katharine Gun leaks a classified e-mail that urges spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through the resolution to go to war. Charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, and facing imprisonment, Katharine and her lawyers set out to defend her actions. With her life, liberty and marriage threatened, she must stand up for what she believes in…

© 2019


DonalD MagneSS says:

She doesn't want to flirt mate she just wants to work Keira….looks smoking hot …….😚….😳..the film …the film ..I'm not …texting … ……FLIRT ALERT 😨….

David Evans says:

I was a big fan of Tony Blair, followed him even when he was in the LOP. Use to stay up late and watch him on cable, when he proposed questions to the PM. I was really disappointed, really a let down for me in his conduct of the Iraqi war. Can't wait to see this film.

Княз Ханибал says:

Can't wait for this one 🙂

Donna Cianciosi says:

The line that Keira says at 0:16 is filled with irony considering the antics of the current US President.

Marine says:

What ? A movie that tells a genuine, clever and appealing story ? With such amazing actors ? I am not going to miss that.

Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo says:

Coming soon

Barge Arse says:

How does history punish Hitler and Saddam while Bush walks free?
If America only understands capitalism, then there needs to be a financial penalty for pushing belief despite the evidence, particularly when people die because of it. Fox would be bankrupt. Trump would have to learn how to read.

America is so dumb, they actually can’t conceive the idea that if you bomb a sovereign nation, based on a lie, the citizens of that nation become radicalised and hate you.

It’s not rocket science.

America caused the mass migration of refugees. They fled fundamental religion only to be greeted by a new form of fundamental religion. The American ignorant bigoted evangelical Christian. Telling them all to get fucked.

I wish there was a god that could send all of them to Hell.

But they are so stupid they will elect their current bigoted narcissist again. Or if they don’t, they will believe that having 48% of the population that is bigoted is some type of victory.

It’s the 21st century. This shit was dealt with last century, you dumb fucks.

It’s your fault. Fucking own it and fix it.

Jesus H Christ.

Joe Smith says:

Keira ! Keira ! Keira !!!

Kenneth Knoppik says:

It's all starting again only now it's with Iran instead of Iraq. And the b***** media just plays along

Big SabertoothBunny says:

Wow, another anti-US or anti-British (not sure which exactly since it is about the US and former President Bush but in Britain) "war" movie, what a shocker. Let the conspiracy theories continue to push movies based on "fact" through the one-sided opinion of Hollywood. This has nothing to do with "truth" or "fact", it is just the standard political thought of the famous elitists out of California.

Andrew Diaz says:

This looks pretty fucken good no BS


GEORGE BUSH JR…..That muthr fukr should be in prison….then again they all should!!!!

Maria B. says:

Adam Bakri is so fine

Talk Time With Matt and Derik says:

Woah! This looks crazy!

Auro 82 says:

I hope this will be a big success cause Keira only deserves the best, she’s great and still so underrated!

shadeofmercury says:

Also, please take note that the entire notion of an "illegal" war on the world stage is a farce. War doesn't need your permission. That's why it's war.

shadeofmercury says:

People forget or ignore that although our intelligence was faulty and there was certainly some misdirection regarding facts in order to justify a war that had a larger strategic objective, 1.) there were reports of trucks carrying loads of chemical weapons to Syria (which, btw, Syria seems to have possibly been using later) and 2.) Saddam said in later interviews that although he was attempting to project strength as a deterrent by making the Western powers think he might actually have nukes/WMD's and he might use them (even though in reality he didn't), that he most certainly would have pursued nuclear weapons had his regime not been toppled by the USA and the UK.

So when we talk about "saving lives" or an "unjust war" – that is completely hypothetical. The rationale for the war was always to fight a smaller, less bloody war now in order to avoid a larger, more bloody war later. Yes, there were ulterior motives as well, as with just about ALL wars – but that doesn't mean that the war was necessarily unjust, whatever the rationale was that was sold to the public. Never forget the monster that Saddam Hussein was, and never forget the great threat to human life that his regime was to people all over the world. All that would have been necessary is for him to gain the capability and then disseminate it to a terrorist organization, and then pretend that he had no part. Obama's mistakes regarding the rise of ISIS aside, the world is a safer place without Saddam Hussein and with a vision of a free and stable Iraq.

pthompson108 says:

Spoiler alert…. the bad guys get away with it.

Lesley Willis says:

Please think of Dr David Kelly , the distinguished government scientist who said Saddam had No WMD! Looking forward to this film in October .

Mads says:


Malcolm Carter says:

I like that score!

gethin jenkins-jones says:

Haha just when you thought Blair couldn’t be more unpopular. Still waiting for a movie on the brutalities of Sadd hussein though, just so it’s not forgotten in all of this.

mo kadir says:

When is this film 🎥 going to be release

Budi Hariman says:

Of course they lied. They're lying. Most of state governments in the world since the beginning of 20th century are lying to the teeth. Especially those FIVE PERMANENT MEMBERS UN SECURITY COUNCIL MOTHERFUCKERS. Lie to the world and their own people. They lie about everything. Yeah, they always said "it is STATECRAFT". Son of a bitch. It is not a secret anymore. People nowadays are already used to LIES.

Phil Beattie says:

Can’t wait to see those 🛎🛎 on K 😂😂😂😂

joseph whalley says:

Fucking Blair witch project

David Jönsson says:

Now We know were the doctor was during this time

Luke M says:

Straight to video?

Kelvin Adcock says:

Never thought I'd live to see the U.K. admit that they have problems too.

Kevin Borge says:

Wait….wait just one fuckin second here…Government lies? I think all the big boys know all these wars in the Middle East are for Israel.

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