NEW RELEASE!! – Antebellum Trailer Reaction (2020) | Kirstie Bryce

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Antebellum has a NEW RELEASE DATE for August 2020 and I am BUZZIN’!! ๐ŸŽฌ What’d you think about the trailer?

Thank you so much for your amazing support, Much Love x



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Focalor Phoebe says:

Wow antebellum hmm interesting movie id like to watch it!! Thank you for reacting on it because thats the reason for me to get interes on that movie

Meandmy Tea says:

Oh my Gosh! I was seeing it in my YouTube ads a few weeks ago TBH I thought it was a commercial for Dove or Secret so I always skipped it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Butterfly on the lips reminds me of the Silence of the Lambs poster!!!

Danielle Rice says:

Enjoyed watching it and this films looks so good

Mark Whittum says:

It looks like a very good answer to "Birth of Nation" by D.W. Griffith which totally sickened me to watch.
I am really anxious and wanting to see "Antebellum".

ACG Vlogs says:

Kirstie: weโ€™ve all seen โ€œget outโ€.
Me watching video: whatโ€™s โ€œget outโ€?๐Ÿ˜‚ I guess I know what Iโ€™m watching tonight!

MarkSmithIsOnYouTub9 says:

Hmm, the Trailer to "Antebellum" that you presented in this video sorta reminds me of the movie, "2001 Maniacs" (from 2005) that I watched one October about a Haunted/Ghost Village from the days of the "Confederate" South. That movie was pretty creepy, indeed! I can still remember that unforgettable one-liner at the very end of the film immediately before the credits rolled: "Damn Yankees" as he walks off and disappears. I'd love it if you could perhaps do a Movie Review on "The Village" (from 2004) or a personal favorite Jim Carrey film of mine, "The Cable Guy" (from 1996). Yeah, I understand that those films are sorta old, but I think it would be neat for you to do a Review on these films someday, especially "The Cable Guy" including some analysis of Jim Carrey's "Chip" character from that film. To-Date, the most creepy and disturbing scene I've EVER seen in a Scary Movie was the "Razor Box" scene from the second "Saw" movie (which I watched this past October during a Scary Movie binge, although the "Saw" movies are typically too creepy for me, because I'm very easily-frightened). Well basically there was a "Razor Box" made of glass that hanging from the ceiling in the middle of a deserted room and once a person inserts an arm into one of the holes at the bottom of the box, they can't remove their arms because of razors. Ugh, I've never seen anything creepier in a movie than that scene! That scene really left me speechless! I try very hard and do my very best to never write anything in my Comments that you wouldn't like. But rest-assured, Kirstie, even if I do slip up and say the wrong thing from time-to-time, I'm not a "Bot", I'm an actual Human Being who's sitting here typing these Comments. I'm someone who's Willing To Listen and who's Teachable. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm assuming that Lockdown is probably coming to a close so you're gonna start getting busy again. Absolutely no offense taken from my end if you can't get around to Replying to Comments immediately. Not everybody's Unemployed and practically-friendless like me. Most people lead very busy lives. That said, no worries and it's all good. ๐Ÿ™‚
As for your upcoming Live Stream Video this Friday featuring a "TV Show Quiz", I intend to view that one while it's Live, thereby making it my intended first Live viewing ever of one of your Live Streams. Fridays work A LOT better for me than Saturdays, anyways. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well lately. I got a little sick myself, during the middle of last week. I had a HUGE headache all day long for Wednesday the 10th and it was the migraine-like type of headache that was so bad that it actually made me feel sick. Please, remember to talk about "The Office" (the U.S. Version) in that Live Stream. Also, so my friend can best understand that part of the Video, please speak extra-clearly as you talk about "The Office" so the Captions will be as accurate as possible at that part of the Video as I show my friend "The Part Of This Live Stream That I Requested". LOL: My friend says that the word, "Six" keeps Captioning as "Sex" in your Videos. She suggests that you should hold up a certain number of fingers when saying there's gonna be however many Questions, Categories/Topics, Rounds, etc. because the Captions might at times read, "Won" (for 1), "To" or "-" (for 2), "For" (for 4), and "Sex" (for 6). She also can't discern/distinguish between certain numbers when spoken aloud to her, especially 56 Versus 66, 55 Versus 59, or 65 Versus 69. She can vaguely tell 5 and 9 apart from one another, granted that she's in an "Ideal Listening Environment"; however, not if they're the final digit of a multi-digit number, such as 1955 Versus 1959, 1965 Versus 1969, or 1956 Versus 1966. Plus, my friend cannot discern/differentiate 15/Fifteen, 16/Sixteen, and 50/Fifty apart from one another if somebody says those numbers aloud to her, because those three words all sound so alike, as well as _5/_ty-Five and _9/_ty-Nine. Good Luck and I'll see about trying to watch this one live. I sure hope I won't get interpreted negatively for saying this stuff. As far as my availability goes for viewing Live Streams live, Fridays definitely work better for me than Saturdays. I intend to make this this my very first live viewing of a YouTube Live Stream EVER! …

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