Nerdist Shares Their Earliest Internet Memories

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From dialup connections to AOL chatrooms, everyone has a memory of their first time online. We sat down with Chris Hardwick, Jessica Chobot, Malik Forte, Dan Casey, and Chloe Dykstra from Nerdist and interviewed them about their first screen names, late-night lurking, and trolling before trolling was trolling. What’s your earliest internet memory?


Just a Matter of Fact
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two amigas from my past by Blake Patterson

Teacher And Astronaut Barbara Morgan by Bill Ingalls/NASA / Handout
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82899cyberca_20000601_03355.jpg by Dan Callister / Stringer
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aol welcome by Karl Baron

075: Rear window by Josh Pesavento

fun with telnet BBSs by Blake Patterson


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Juan The Juan says:

Welcome! You've got mail!

Toby Royson says:

those WERE the days indeed mate.

ltsmum3316 says:

1:45 typical right??

Kitty Waffle says:

it said enjoy your burrito and i was like thanks i will cuz i was eating one

cici cici says:

I still remember when my brother introduced me to Minecraft. I was so confused lol!

bongo155 says:

I still remember the V.90 protocol modem sounds

Tammi Cadenhead says:

my sister would get on and it would interfere with the TV and that horrible sound would come on.

Shadow Bubbles says:

I'm ten so the earliest internet memories are… lets see… playing dora games on the computer when i was 4.

stormmiAJ says:

Dial up …

iceberg789 says:

i miss those early yahoo chatrooms lol….

Skyhighblu says:

Tiptoes424 Hahaha my AOL name was BOSS

Lilianna Bella says:

I love going on to Online Rps, and etc, and just trolling the fuc* out of it.

atomic kitten says:

omg msn messenger we used to go on these random chat site and when we find someone we liked we give them the email hahaha good happy times ❤

LinzBelle says:

omg a/s/l haha.

Morphic c says:

Shortly after I tried the Internet on AOL I find out how easy it was to see some hooters and sex.

BunnyFett says:

Dream sequence initiate

Ace McCool says:

You missed out when your dad shouted "Get off the internet!!! I need to use the phone!!!!"

Matt Smith says:

She isn't a troll, she just has an opinion. Apparently having an opinion on the interwebs makes you troll. And that's my opinion, so does that make me a troll?

Emily Young says:

Wow I'm glad I was way too little to use the Internet when AOL was a thing

GreenTable says:

I love the old windows and stuff

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