Nerd Crew Episode 4: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown and Analysis!

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OMFG! The Nerd Crew is back to analyze every single frame from the new Star Wars trailer to look for any minuscule clue as to what might happen in a film they will eventually see.


Closed Down says:


Umbra Productions says:


Lasse Pedersen says:

I need MORE NERD CREW !!!!!
Jesus, i need more Star Wars and Superhero news, there are so much news out there that needs to be covered !

Garland Mueller says:

I love that Mike genuinely seems to hate those people.

Godfrey Jones says:

2:53 lol

DefenderofFuture says:

Glad that "Rey" action figure stuck around

RaSkipper says:

Nerd Coffin: the product that lets YOU stay mint-in-box.

nosferatu5 says:

That cackling edit gets me every time

Raging Raving says:

I love the editing of these videos, hillarious

Jason Compere says:

These are way more satisfying to watch once we got to see the movie they turned out, very cool

deadseamonster says:

I can't stop watching these!

Avocado says:

high quality pine. lol

Michael Marple says:

It's good that these guys love Paul Verhoven so much because he is the closest comparison to this style of satire and they should be happy about that.

Police 159 says:

I wonder how many star wars fans killed themselves after seeing the last jedi. What a shit movie

chris p says:

at the 5:00 mark you can see Rich's finger go through his eye lens. THeY aRe fAkE!

For me personally i think they are very cool, very very cool

Christian Perez says:

8:45 Ironically, that "iconic weapon" does get smashed in the Last Jedi

Garrett Kingsley says:

This video is very cool

gears5336 says:

episode 4 was, without a doubt

Tommy Estrada says:

Rich Evans, stop bully shaming!

Red White and Vibranium says:

8:43 I mean…

carlwinslo says:

I tried to use the promo code RLM Hospital but it told me Harrison Ford wasnt dead and he isnt legally allowed to die until he makes a cameo in the new Han Solo stand alone film.

AquaSeanXIII says:

Is there really no episodes 1 to 3??? To is gold

Bob Mob says:

Where's the Nerd Life website?

Sonny Andreotte says:

im rich evans an im dead inside.

Otto T says:

I got that shirt too Rich 😛

YousafDunlopTyre says:

5:25 best part

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