Men In Black 2 Trailer [HD]

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In Theaters: 2 August 2002 (UK)

For Agent J, it is another day at the office, monitoring, licensing and policing all alien activity on Earth. One day, J receives a report of an unauthorized landing of an alien spacecraft near New York. It is an old enemy of MIB, a Kylothian named Surleena. Who is searching for a powerful artifact called The Light of Zartha. J investigates and quickly realizes he is going to need help. Unfortunately, the other MIB agents do not work up to par like J can. So, J decides to bring back K. J must bring back K's memory as an MIB agent and try to stop Surleena, before she can succeed.

Director:Barry Sonnenfeld
Cast:Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Rip Torn


Benjamin Matthies says:

Why do I always forget the plot of these films? 🤔

dat boi says:

I come here after the saddest men in black 2019…

Adam Frisk says:

How many times did they use space guns in this trailer? About 100 times less than the new one.

Christian Encabo says:

Who else came here after mib international trailer.

Rishi Halkoree says:

A thrilling ride of a film but this one gets a 7/10 from me folks!!!!

Spencer Honda says:

Shoulda had the trailer end with Jay saying "this is the last suit you'll ever wear….again"

thedeanofmean121_gaming says:

Redd pepper

k Maz says:

Biting hand at the in mib Loki.dead theybcekebrating that you knkw he dead..

The Jeff Ray says:

Who else is here from great big story??

Robertas Zvirgzdas says:

MrJohnwick Real says:

trailer looks awesome..Waiting for release ….

Maurits says:


Subby Dubby says:


Adrick Genovese says:

It's been 15 years since the film .. jesus

IBlewUponYourFace says:

Men In Black ll was not really good, a few decent scene & lines that about it

Tonii Curtis Smith says:

Tommy Lee Jones so young here than today..

DarnoldsHair says:

Smh, cant be live will Smith moved up a gun.

jdbm says:

And THIS IS WHY I WATCHED THAT MOVIE. This was such an effective trailer for me that it made me forget how 'OK' the first one was for me.

Harry Shoemaker says:

Andy Geller: Coming from Columbia Pictures and Amblin Entertainment in the Summer of 2002…
Geller: When the out of this world gets out of control don't bother calling the CIA…
Geller: Forget the FBI…
Geller: Because there's only one government agency we can turn to…
Kevin Brown: This package is in clear violation of section 3.1 of the United States Postal Code.
Geller: Tommy Lee Jones…
Kevin: NEXT!
Geller: Will Smith…
Agent Jay: Kevin… Wow. Kevin, that's funny you just don't you don't have like a, uh, Kevin. Okay, straight to the point, you are a former agent of a top secret organization that monitors extraterrestrials on Earth.
Worms: Kay!
Worm 1: You're back!
Worm 2: Somebody said you were dead!
Worm 3: You look good.
Geller: A film by Barry Sonnenfeld…
Jay: The DeNeuralizer. In a few moments transverse magneto energy will surge through your brain unlocking information that could hold the key to Earth's very survival.
Agent Kay: Oh okay, what's that thing?
Jay: The DeNeuralizer.
Geller: This Summer…
Geller: They're back…
Geller: In black!
Geller: Men in Black II.
Jay: May I have your attention people? Please move to the forward car we got a bug in the electrical system. YO PEOPLE! WE GOT A BUG! IN THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM!
Geller: In theaters July 3rd, 2002.
Jay: Oh now y'all running. Now y'all running.

alex fernando Huenten says:

smit idol.

fernando uy says:

lamentable pelicula… horrible nunca la termine de mirar…

Jerry Duarte says:

That's How they Removed World Trade Center in this film

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