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Rich, Mike, and Jay (Aka Susan or Reginald) watch the 1987 masterpiece “Masters of the Universe” by the legendary Cannon Films! Watch Dolph Lundgren try to talk! Look up Skeletor’s nostrils! Watch a film fall apart right before your eyes!!! Enjoy kids!


Alex Brennan says:

I know everyone loves Mike's "OHHHHHH FAAAAAAUUUUUUUUU-" at the end, but let's not forget the PERFECT "Fuck" at 1:42!

DComPrime says:

Honestly I loved this movie….he might be corny at times, but it was fun to watch.

boringquiet says:

what is the red symbol on he-mans harness called?

boringquiet says:

what is thenred symbol on he-mans chest called?

INFOWarrior1776 says:

Give us more commentary tracks, please, ha I want a starship troopers commentary given how much mike (and i bet rich evans) loved it.

ClassicCinemaMC says:

One of my guilty pleasure favorites. (I just got done listening to the audio commentary, and it was friggin' awesome.) Keep up the great work, gentlemen.

JafuetTheSame says:

susan's hot

Scott B. Smith says:

@Rich Evans: In addition to having Blade just be Trap Jaw, they could've just had the lizard guy (whose name, according to Wikipedia, is the very clever "Saurod") be Kobra Khan. Remember that guy? Anyway, another easy connection to the toy line and cartoon they could've made in this movie.

Greg B. says:

This was an awesome film if you were a kid at the time. Sort of.

Reverend Benzo says:

What kind of potato did you use to film this with?

cerhat says:

Please do "Leviathan" by George P. Cosmatos

Michael Lena says:

whens the next commentary!!!!?

Dylan Murphy says:

I'm assuming that perv Rich Evans wrote the description because the last sentence is "enjoy kids." I know he meant to say "enjoy, kids" but it's humorous nonetheless.

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