Kyle’s Dad is Odin (Team Nerdist)

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Kyle’s Dad Odin pays him a visit at work and Kyle gets a little more embarrassment than he can handle!

Thanks to Marvel Puzzle Quest for making this video possible!
Marvel Puzzle Quest has a new update inspired by Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. Battle in the Sakaar Arena; a unique Lightning Round event pitting you against 20 enemies in a mad scramble to top the leaderboards, and recruit the all-new Thor (Gladiator); a powerful 5 star Super Hero with brand new moves and weapons.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is available for free on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Steam – go to to learn more!

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José Alberto says:

WHY THERE'S NO BECAUSE EVIL YET?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! 🙁 bangs!

Ser Eric says:

This is sooooooo historicly inaccurate.

Intelego says:

Stan Lee said this was canon

TheWolfLord says:

Nice mobile gamers you got there.

Damian says:

i'd rather watch the emoji movie instead of this

Jonas Brown says:

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen stop

The_Great_Rasputin says:

Kyle… Is your real name Vidar?

Ernesto Amador says:

I need a "Because Evil" videos!!! PLEASE!!! it would be epic!!!

batmanfanforever08 says:

Just one actual episode of "Because Evil," plz.

Sabien Alexander says:

I died when he showed the picture of little, photoshop level 100

Bluebell41 Plays says:

Aww the end when Odin was sad ?

EpicPinkCreeper says:

The whole video: but if Thor is his brother… Then Loki is too…

End of video: lolyes XD

Mr. O says:


Hamzah Jundi says:

So when does the first episode of 'because evil come out?'

Think890 says:

I need a " Because Evil " shirt in that font please and thank you @nerdist

Roger Skagerström says:

I love these things! 😀

maxcap60 says:

evil kyle is Chris Gaines

Darth Smirnoff says:

Is the guy who plays Odin the same guy who played Fake God on Preacher?

Saimeren says:

Cute video.

Em1L says:

Odin is originally blind on the other eye 🙁
Come on guys

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