KILLERMAN Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Liam Hemsworth Action Movie HD

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KILLERMAN Trailer #1 NEW (2019) Liam Hemsworth Action Movie HD

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Davi,a lenda Bour says:

So THOR'S brother uses drug,I thought he was dead

monami608 says:

This film really gives you chills, looks amazing. Liam choose various kinds of roles and not like his big brother Chris who only goes with more or less same kinda genre again n again. Liam is undoubtedly a versatile actor with unbelievably good looks and with that towering height it makes him even more attractive as an actor to the audience. He will surely gonna make a big name in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or George Clooney.

Stuart Little says:

Liam Hemsworth does not seem menacing.

Гальванизированный Труп says:

is this guy relative of the thor guy?

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