Kevin Conroy Does Other Batman Actors’ Lines! (Mothership)

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The iconic voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, delivers lines from other Batman actors’ movies in this clip from Mothership!

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Greg Bey says:

these were awful quotes.

aznpikachu215 says:

I think it might be weird for Conroy to say Bales "This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good."

BaranZenon says:

It would be cool if Conroy would do Batman That Laughs lines 🙂

Immortal CBox says:

It makes zero sense that it’s random lines from non batman movies but have pictures of each the actors in their batman costumes.

Zombieking 1236 says:

I met Kevin at comic con last year. This is awesome to see

Justin Carawan says:

More Bat-quotes, please!

Pennywise The Dancing Clown says:

I can't hear Conroy very well because of that man's stupid laugh..

legoBuilder1999 says:

I actually met Kevin Conroy at OKC comic con he let me talk to him and take a picture with him for free he’s a Really nice guy he told me he loves Batman and he loves Doing it he says it’s fun he also told me Adam West was his childhood hero if I ever meet him again I am going to tell him he’s my hero and my childhood hero

EseChava 22 says:

DAMN IT!!! I really wanted it to land on fucking Clooney XD

James Bond says:

Fucking stupid hosts. Why did you laugh as Kevin was speaking? I can barely hear Kevin speaking the lines. Idiots.

Fire Eater says:

Best. Batman voice. EVER!!

Anthony Chang says:

I made a huge mistake

Johnny Speed says:

Love the "Iceman" quote…

Knock /Da Deathstroke says:

Best Batman

The Adam Confederacy says:

Kevin Conroy is a reason people can have nice things.

Jon Lynn says:

I never even really watched Batman growing up…but Kevin n' Mark somehow just do the best at the characters from what I have experienced. –>IMO<–

Aidan Timmons says:

Should have screamed martha on affleck

Forensic425 says:

Bruce Wayne's not Batman. Kevin Conroy is Batman.

Lovely Wolf says:

He should do:"Do you bleed?"

Andy Walsh says:

Whoever is saying that he’s losing the voice, please stop

Rudolph Antler says:

They made a wheel to use it only for 3 spins?
What a waste of not using Conroy enough.

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