Kangana Ranaut FIGHTS With Reporter For Spreading LIES About her @Judgemental Hai Movie Promotions

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Dreamy Land says:

Can I get 100 subscribers?

Smriti Limbu says:

The journalist should die 😂🤣he is being😠 so crazy and🤮 overreacting🤬 hahahaha but Kangana always rocks🥰😍

Anirudha Dugvekar says:

Media jo dession leta hai n apne man Se ki Isko sanyas lena chahiye Isko Ye kaam Chhod Dena chahiye this is wrong and media needs to improve this

H P says:

Kangna needs a gud doctor.

Beauty Laxminarayan says:

Kangna is right on her way but when hritik dumped her, everybody is trying to throw a shiton her why what is the problem with her she is right we know she is not lying…

shikha gupta says:

Liberandus Journalist….🤬

You Go Girl we are with You 💝💝


The journalist is very ill mannered

A Tyagi says:

Justin jaise journalist ki maa ka bhosda.Bhechoad mike hath mai le kr apne aap ko khuda maante hai.Bhosdi k maar maar kr gaand se khoon neekal dengey.😠

sameer roshan says:

she started it!

Zaid Kibriya says:

My chick bad!

Pranjal Shelar says:

This is not hrithik ….she get a nice answer…such a rude lady…rakhi sawant to bevajah hi badnaam hai…

shahbaz khan says:

It's good for the movie free publicity

sujan kumar says:

Paid fucking media..and also too much freedom for media.what NDTV did while Mumbai attacks everybody knows..media should be controlled no matter what…media became fucking joke and business.

Sexy Love says:

Yeh Sachi baat bolti is liye woh pagal reporter pagal ho gya idiot yeh mard log kamzor hi rhegnge

vijgo kondkar says:

Kangana showed them the mirror and journalists didn’t like like it.

Angad Dixit says:

🐕Bhow Bhow Bhow🐕


Kangna is proper Bitch .

Danish Rizvi says:

Kangana is a PSYCHO !

Nuray Malyk says:

Kesa jahil media hai india ka 😡😡 zara bhi tamez nahi hai

deepali tiwari says:

These all media people are shits seriously itna or kisi ke samne bolkr dekhte to smjh aata inko ki bolna hota Kya hai jb ye bc chilla Raha tha tb isko kisi ne nhi roka difference wahi smjh aata hai ki kangana ne kitne politely btt ki nd ye m***f****..kaise chilla Raha tha

Starluv Palm Tamang says:

Nonsense reporter .. he should kick out

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