JOKER Official Trailer (2019) Joaquin Phoenix

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A new trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s JOKER movie set in the DC dark universe. an offshoot of the DCEU.
Instagram: @cooperneidecker


Cooper Neidecker says:

When I hit 10k subscribers, I release a video explaining how I got this video to go viral with only 200 subscribers!

Joan M says:

Name of the song?? Pleasee

Ms Sunshine says:

Juaqin Phoenix is so underrated! Stop the Heath Ledger comparison!! Heath joker is something else out of this world

J B says:

I think phoenix will pull this version off

Psycho Annie Wolfbaby says:

He is a good actor but we shall see if he can pull off The Joker lol

narshima modi says:

Smelling Oscars

ariana grande says:

is this real or fan made

peter aguilera says:

Why so serious son?

Andy Griffith says:

Joaquin Phoenix will surpass heath ledger in this role. Just wait his stuff doesnt show his act ability. Joaquin might be the most masterful actor working in Hollywood at the moment and he is only getting better and better at these complex character roles with trauma

somebody doesntmatter says:

Why so _______ ?

Fiona Fiona says:

Why this trailer looks like a big fail ?

Ed Da Bawsh says:

Mark Hamill's Joker > heath's joker


Jeremiah Barrett says:

NOT A TRAILER! This is just leaked footage.

R_ Ledo23! says:

So stoked for this movie! I think I’m more excited in the quality of Phoenix’s Joker acting then anything. Ledger is king of jokers, but this right here . . .

Road To Sparta says:

If this is an origin movie based on comics then it NEEDS to have pretty much followed the Killing Joke storyline

Josiah Medina says:

It past winter, also its actually in the fall

Dante Da Vinci says:

Joking Phony

Face Reality says:

Heath Ledger.

Jacob Hoss says:

He looks sort of like the dirty clown from the 'We live in a society' memes.

Minimal Interest says:

Hopefully this is a great joker and now we just need john hamm for Batman

Shmurda Lurda says:

I just can't get over how his make up is, Don't get me wrong, Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor. I loved him in her. This will be interesting to watch though

Jay Sykes says:

The only thing I don't like about this portrayal is that they make Joker look more like a costume than a persona. Joker should not be wearing face paint. The paleness of his skin, the redness of his lips and his green hair were due to the vat of chemicals…

Anthony Pesqueira says:

For those of you who don't really know who he is, he's played some of them best roles in alot of the best movies. He's good at everything he plays.

Rup7ur3 Strygwyr says:

I'm not a fan of comic books or superhero movies. Yet, Heath Ledgers joker, was a legend. Apart from the great acting, it was very different in style. Less comic book like, and more like an actual extreme psychopath. Also, the make up was functional as in his psychopaths mind, it makes the scars stand out more. Whether the scars are self-inflicted or inflicted upon him, it clearly indicates he's gone completely mad thanks to the makeup.

0:25 Does not look like a criminal mastermind + insane psychopath to me. It looks like a birthday clown having a bad day. That is not to say that I do not think the actor could potentially do a great job. It's just to say that it looks silly, the make up, the red dress. It tells something about his character already. I highly doubt he will be portrayed as a passionate psychopath. It looks more like a sad depressive angry birthday clown gone rogue.

Furthermore I hope they use this filming style only in the teasers. To me it looks like they want to disassociate from Heath Ledgers joker, instead of just let another acter play the SAME character and not some alternative version of it. It's doomed to fail, no matter how great of an actor will play it.

Joker says:

Oh come on , this is not me

I Have I Need says:

Hey!!!! Check it out! !!! We made some kind of Joker tribute video with original song!

iam thedemon says:

You guys are really pushing it, I can only hold back the n word for so long.

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