Jedi vs Sith: Episode 1 (Star Wars Challenge)

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Jedi vs. Sith, which side are you on? We sent two lucky cosplayers, Milynn Sarley and Jessie Pridemore, to space camp to test their Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II knowledge and force-like abilities. Which side will come out on top?

Brought to you by Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II.
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lukaflynn says:

Oh I get it. A stormtrooper turned into a sith because a padawan with literally three lessons has now been granted the rank of Jedi master

Eric Sanders says:

Love the web series of star wars Jedi vs sith

The swag game R says:

Iden is not a Sith

I Eclipse I says:

I hope try loses she's a fookin nerd

James Nicolle says:


Bas games says:

Angry people who are to precise will say that iden versio is bot a sith but i am not going to put any attention to that

Mango Penguin says:

“in the hit battlefront SERIES” yep but not the hit new one…???

Jamie Davis says:

Iden Versio isn't a sith

Elite Gshaw says:

When people begin to learn how to not be little angry trolls they will not run every game that has flaws into the ground. Take a second and compare 2015 battlefront to bf2. They have without a doubt improved in every way. Yes they made a back choice to try and replace the dlc money with loot crates but the game is not horrible. People are just salty assholes and cannot move past the fact and try to enjoy the good in life. The Devs are going to continuously work on the game and fix issues. True star wars fans enjoy the good in the game not get hung up and be disgruntled by the bad. Not saying I'm okay with the flaws because I'm not, they need to fix alot of things but I spent 60$ of my hard earned money on it, you bet your ass I'm gonna try and enjoy it.

Chasmodius says:

I think Milynn actually won that round just be dint of being a total badass and rocking past a pretty serious fear!

Asher Stark says:

But Iden Versio joins the rebellion in the middle of the game

WarmBestGamer135 says:

Hello Kyle ren

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