Jaws Franchise (1975-1987) Body Count

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How many people die in a franchise that began with a masterpiece and ended with a toilet cleaner?

For the record, in Jaws - The Revenge, Jake dies in certain cuts of the film. That's why he's counted here.

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Godzilla says:

"Your gonna need a bigger boat"

Firemarioflower says:

BRO>>>>>>>>>> Jake survived. Kill count should be 19 because Ellen's dream doesn't count

Charles Erkenswick says:

I’m so surprised this movie didn’t get rebooted

Jeff The Killer says:

Be afraid of the fake shark

Joe Inferno says:

wheres the scene where the guy gets eating in the water??? lmao

Betty Vaughn says:

The dream don't count

Dr Duckwing says:

What is wrong with that shark a normal shark doesn't just hunt anything that moves the only reason sharks attack is because they either feel threatened or mistake humans for seals or some other prey

Lane Norton says:

This is hilarious and funny

Sammy Knight says:

The 19th kill shouldn't count because it was just a dream.

JOEL THE DEER fan king says:

Why is age restricted is pg or pg-13 ….

Don Gangoo says:

There a 5 jaws movie

Jesee Jaymes says:

4:39 Number 16: Philips demise, the most scariest scene in all the Jaws films

Raven Lance says:

This is why I'm never gonna go out in the ocean.

Littlewolfe 200 says:

Is Sean Brody Chief Brody son

Cristian Aristizabal says:

I watch all of the movies and not that scare

The BestBros says:

6:25 not good acting

Danny king31 says:

So there has been 21 deaths in total from all jaws films. One problem, you forgot JAWS 5. Do that one too please

Killer Shark says:

And Pippin the Dog and at Jaws 2 the death Orca on the beach

colton dickhaut says:

The original will always be the best in my eyes like if you agree

Matthew Witunsky says:

There was basically only one death in the revenge

Heather McKillop says:

My favourite jaws movie is jaws the revenge

Michael Collins says:

black guy at the end didn't die. Did you even finish the movie you clown.

Skulltronprime X9 says:

And this is way everyone afraid to go in the water and terrified of sharks

Some Guy's Place of Misery says:

"Hey guys mind if I snack on your legs? No… SHARKISTS!" Jaws then eats everyone and appears back after being exploded etc etc

wth kaitlyn says:

The girl in the first clip had her hips broken from the harness from snapping, and from being dragged around, those were her real screams.

jtomally9681 says:

They screwed up Jaws 3 even worse when they repackaged it as Jaws 3-D.

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