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IT CHAPTER TWO only in theaters September 6, 2019

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Fred W says:

This scene in the 1970s IT film/Book is far scarier. It's sad that filmmakers always rely solely on jump scares now. Cheap and lazy. If anybody here is a fan of the IT films then watch the old one, it is far better.

Talia says:

Why is nobody commenting about 1:58

Γωγώ Κψ says:

I'm not ready to lose Eddie

Ragnarokkr9 says:

It would be better if they had Seth green play the adult Richie as he played the child Ritchie in the original IT

Janušaitė Astija says:

Am I the only one who cried watching this?😂

Metal Mania says:

Seems better than part 1 wich i didn't like very much but i hope this one makes up for IT 😉

Cookie Mastez says:

Granny: My father joined the circus.

Beverly: Ah shit here we go again!

Hussain Akbar Raja says:

1:02 look at the old lady’s eyes ☠️

Rob Rodda says:

Oh god I am so freaking creeped out

Aseem Aldrisy says:

When I try to start off with a good impression with my girlfriend's mom … 2:44

Kim Jisoo says:

I NEED TO WATCH THISS!But I cant…cause Im a child..and I haved watched the Chapter 1 btw

Dani Speaks says:


A V says:

Its funny and scary at the same time 🤯🤯

Chicken Nuggets says:

2:14 god damn thats scary

engels1978 says:

It can be gooood! I Will watch IT … 2 😜

Tanseer zahra says:

I'm so excited about this movie

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