IT CHAPTER TWO (2019) Teaser Trailer

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'IT: Chapter 2' floats into theaters Sept. 6 2019.

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Bendy Popplioyt says:

Plz be a R rating

Joezthepro says:


Rene M says:

I bet she had raisins in them cookies anyway… old people always do .

Pens Fan says:

This isn’t really that scary idk what the hype is. I feel the scarier things are demons. Because they seem more dangerous then a silly clown, heck clowns are not even scary so I don’t get it. Also the clown seems very killable if the kids were not afraid. Just bring a gun.

jack yumyum says:

I don't know if I should be scared at her staring for 10 seconds or her hairy chest.

Wahyu Firmansyah says:

It clown chance makeup base…

Mystic_ Seed says:

A shit here we go again………

kutie Pie says:

Beverly:I used to live here.

Pennywise wannabe says:

I think I just saw my idol

Guitar noodle says:

hopefully it'll be better than the last one. highly overrated. Does anyone else find modern horror movies dissatisfying?

Lord Ignis Destroyer of Thots says:

1:12 when I see my crush

F.B.I. says:

Me: has gum

Everyone near me: 2:46

Koriand'r Of The Stars says:


Nicholas Landingham says:

I guess you could say "it" still lives. See what I did there?

SZ CLAN Chungus says:

What’s the music at the ending scene?

GunGamePlayer says:

The kids got older

Miles Woolaway says:

Spoopy scary pedo clowns send shivers down your spine

Prod By Sektor says:

1:58 that's how the six flags man used to dance


Am i wacthing old lady porn?

its abby says:

wish me luck goin full screen

XxMoon Gaming says:

Wheres the robber

Richard Wismer says:

This f'ing thing came on by itself and I can't get rid of it!!!??!?!?

Sharla Felton says:

Aaaaaaaaand FUKK U for a second time!!! Hate Clowns

Timia Moore says:

I thought Beverly was gonna kick her in the coochie and powder would fly everywhere! 💨

Pedro Joubert says:

Is bill still pennywise

Corey duquette Duquette says:

This will probably be my all time fav one of it

Tydria says:

Bitch I fckn love this 🙌🏽

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