IT: CHAPTER 2 (Concept Trailer) Jessica Chastain Patrick Wilson

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WARNING: This is a fan-made edit for IT: Chapter 2.

Jessica Chastain is Beverly
Patrick Wilson is Bill
Chris Pratt is Ben
Joseph G Levitt is Stanley
Bill Harder is Richie
Jake Gyllenhaal is Eddie
Chiwetel Ejiofor is Mike

27 years later, the Losers Club have grown up and moved away, until a devastating phone call brings them back.


P. Parker says:

Hey everyone, the official cast for CHAPTER 2 was announced a few weeks ago, for those who dont know yet:

Jessica Chastain … Beverly Marsh
James McAvoy … Bill Denbrough
Bill Hader … Richie Tozier
James Ransone … Eddie Kaspbrak
Jay Ryan … Ben Hanscom
Andy Bean … Stanley Uris
Isaiah Mustafa … Mike Hanlon

Thebest Loverssz says:

Better than a original

KaiSaXzz TH says:

Best​ fan made ever

sabrina ! says:

this looks so real omg

Pennywise Mtv Chapter Two says:

Scenes chris pratt in movie passengers

Play Station UK says:

good fake tralier just waiting for the real it chapter 2 tralier

Carapace -Gacha Channel- says:


IV IV says:

i really thought this was the real trailer

Murali Krishna says:

I love it chapter 1

War of calvin says:

The trailer song is it come at night trailer song


What’s the music 0:44

speedart says:

Kto z Polski likee

ışıl yazıcı says:

Oha 1. Si daha mı güzel yoksa bu büyümüş hallerimi ?

ya Ren says:


Constanza Nicole says:

¿Alguien en español? xd

Dyllan Bills says:

The first it, I didn't find it scary but I want the second one to be BLOODY TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!

I want to pee myself watching it.

Bonnie Howell says:

Great job! I am so excited for this release. After years of hold ups and hype for the IT reboot, I thought the finished product was well worth th wait. Good acting,special effects, and Creepy as hell.

Adrian Moreno says:

como es con wilson pratt y joseph debe ser buena

ハンペン長いわチャンネル says:

Stanley was die!!

Astrodude55 says:

This was really well made!

Jenielyn Alim says:

im waiting for it

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