Is Double Jumping Physically Possible? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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We’ve seen double jumping in games like Super Smash Bros, but is this possible in real life? Kyle jumps right into it on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

Could you rocket-jump with an actual rocket launcher? NEW mini-ep over on my Insta ( Thanks for watching! — KH

Daniel Maillard says:

Maybe jump with your clothes off already

Георгий Леонтьев says:

If you'd have Russian subtitles, i'm totally sure that I'd show your channel to my wife. She's sci-fi freak just like me ^^ Could you think of that?

Riscord says:

Couldn't you jump holding something that weighs more then one kg and then throw that down

Edmundas Grigaliūnas says:

his eyes at 5:28

harrysarso says:

can someone make a comilation of the sounds kyle makes this episode

Jonathon Hyde says:

Depends on air density

Danny Blade says:

love it! just need to work on lighting fast reflexes to rip my clothes off

Nines Y R says:

mario breaks blocks with his ARM, not his head

Reyhan Putra says:


WardenGrey says:

someone should tell Kyle that Mario uses his fist to break the block not his skull

José Raphael Daher says:

Mario uses his hand, not the head to break bricks. He has trained with Kung Fu masters to break stuff.

Francesco Maria Poerio says:

I'm literally devouring this series. I love your videos.
Ps: anyway, "pasta and fasule (fasool)" means "pasta e fagioli" -> "pasta with beans"

Fake OG says:

So just wondering: If i were to fall out of a plane end up in free fall without a parachute but happen to fallout with the same weight as me in stuff I am wearing them I could throw my body weight towards the ground at around 30 mph to possibly survive an impact against the ground.

maikol gonzalez says:

You could always fart

Tenkai says:

If the ice is frictionles it should be enough to just Blow out air out of your Mouth sharply

amazingphenomenon says:

Mario uses his hand to break the brick. ?

Darth Savage says:

He punches the bricks, he doesn't headbutt them!

The referencer says:

Mario breaks blocks using his fists

Endless Universe64 says:

Could the flash double jump using the first method (hitting the air hard and fast)?

Nahush Kanitkar says:

I have a theory.
Character always jump high but somehow stop in middle , but it doesn't stop if we press the button 2 times

GWN_ Abe says:

Mario = 89KG!!!!
-austin (screamy guy from game theorists)

BromanLegion says:

Anybody else notice Mario's swinging dick at 5:05??

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