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Director Barry Jenkins’ ambitious follow-up to Moonlight adapts James Baldwin’s poignant novel about a woman fighting to free her falsely accused husband from prison before the birth of their child.


Chrishonda James says:

I really want to see the movie so I can really understand what sacrifices are really about! I usually don't watch movies of this sort because it's too emotional and it stirs up so much but I'm going to pace myself and watch!

Jessica A says:

I want to be in this world

kubricklynch - Film History and Reviews says:

Is it just me or is this really quiet and hard to hear?

stephanie brown says:

much love & respect to you Mr Jenkins!!!!

Lauren Miles says:

I'm very happy that this movie is being made, and I do like the cast and director, but I'm disappointed that a novice was chosen for the lead role of Tish. The character is complex, and I'm concerned that they may neuter her dynamic: yes she is young and naive, but she does have a perspective, the story is her perspective. I would like that the film to portray her as a young woman who is little bewildered and anxious about what she is confronting about the circumstances -this circumstance of her life, that still she has an intimation of things, but is unsure and diffident in exactly how to manage rightly the means of reaching her desired ends. And that her family teaches her how in the way they manage Fonny's imprisonment and trial. The book does demonstrate that Tish can be passive, and that Fonny is a bit more mature that she is, but I think that the film has the capacity to better depict exactly why Baldwin made Tish the narrator and how she must handle herself in the world.

Mrs. Shelly Congo says:

So distasteful how Barry Jenkins curses – this is a really tacky habit that could distract from his brilliant work.

Boabab Tree says:

In the book mrs Hunt is supposed to be light skinned but I noticed in the trailer she isn’t, I’m disappointed in that because we don’t get to see how colorist and self hate exists in our culture as black people, I still think this movie will be Oscar worthy and I’m excited for it

Jacko Zhou says:

this voice is too small

chris castrillon says:

Is it me or does da guy in da beginning sound like john malcovich

Ollie S says:

Paper boy? Yes! LOL

Miguel Marrero says:

The words Barry spoke in the end, about racial prejudice and systematic racism is so true. Hispanic and African American communities have been treated unfairly for decades now.

Miguel Marrero says:

Brian spoke the truth, thank you Barry Jenkins for this masterpiece. Best Picture is over.

JackSam90 says:

Oscar for best picture and for Regina King!!

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