How Does Saitama One Punch the Rain? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Many action movies, shows, and games have shown the impact of big punches, but One Punch Man actually shows you the physics. Just how much power would you need to stop the rain with a PUNCH? Kyle has the weather stopping forecast on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

But how fast does Saitama have to swing his fist to stop a meteor? New mini-episode over on my Insta ( Thanks for watching! — KH

salty af says:

kyle the super nerd

Ultima228 says:

It's not a Science Video without being on some kind of watch list


I unsubbed game theory and subbed here instead

Forrest Patterson says:

Who isn't on a watch list?

Jax Riddick says:

That's nothing. How hard did he have to punch to destroy that mass of earth behind Geno's with just the concussive wave of air when they were training

Борис Лазарев says:

Ok. If his punch is equevalent to several tons of tnt then everyone in a large area shoul die…

KROATOA Texan says:

Id like to see the science behind jumping from the moon back to earth.

TWBonnell says:

My god those puns at the start earned a like&subscribe lol

SilentPro21 says:

Please make video why "Hakai" can destroy saitama and everything

Another mother fucker with a long ass username says:

With his hand

TheWatermelonLion says:

He punched the damn rain from the entire city not just a few city blocks. THE ENTIRE CITY J.

yoman bluefire says:

now goku and superman fans can shut the hell up

Trevius Rex says:

Wouldn't a blast wave like that completely shred the guy he punched and destroy a building or two in the process of moving that rain? No idea about this, just thinking a blast wave equal to that much TNT would do some serious collateral damage.

Chrisfragger1 says:

The bigger question is, how did ALL MIGHT make it rain with a punch?

Billy Bob says:

which proves how OP Saitama is
srsly he's a demi-god

Vergo says:

2:39 i just cant stop laughing.

Himadri Mandal says:

haha live thor

Cifer Null says:

Actually in the very first seconds of the opening when you see Saitama's fist coming at the camera, you can discern when it breaks the sound-barrier, when it starts burning air from friction, and eventually when it seemingly breaks even the light-barrier.

Peter McHaney says:

What about the buildings?

Benjamin Castillo De La Flor Benavides says:

I like your videos thank you, if i were to propuse something for you to explain un science, it could be about the new Godzilla from Monster Planet. How every hability he has works, and what probability are that he could survive in space? (Either evolving his existence, or in his actual stated) thanks for the video.

Karitora says:

I'm not the smartest man, but wouldn't a boom like that cause at least some damage to his immediate surroundings?

Soumojit Bhattacharjee says:

Wait…. Were u writing with both of your hands?

Mark Pettinger says:

What about part the clouds on half the planet like he did last time

Caio Lobo says:

If i'm not wrong, saitama literally cleared the weather


And this is saitamas everyday punch

ignatiusonfire says:

hmmm, how about the punch that cleared a mountain side, as shown in the fight between Saitama vs Genos.

Bookhermit says:

Too bad none of the buildings would be left standing after that scale of blast wave….

Riley Garza says:

Just a heads up. He stopped the whole storm. Not just a city block. I’m watching it right now and literally seconds later, you see sonic (the purple ninja dude, I forgot his full name) standing in a partly cloudy sky with the sun shining

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