How Deadly Is the Joker’s Magic Pencil Trick? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Heath Ledger’s Joker is iconic for many reasons, but one particularly memorable scene is his disappearing pencil trick. But how bad would this be in real life? Kyle has the serious details on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

Is there a cable strong enough to stop the Joker's semi truck like in The Dark Knight? Spoiler alert: yep. Because Science mini over on my Insta: — KH

TheSlumpin Ape says:

Anybody else thinks he sounds and kinda looks like Jake from vsauce or is it just me

GreekPanda says:

But the hospital was blown up so he died anyway, the joker did his research and then made sure it was deadly.

crazyjr says:

In the 1800's they also used true leaded pencils as well, so lead poisoning was also possible

Justin Kilzheimer says:

Your hair is the most majestical thing i've ever seen.

- says:

I always thought when something punctured your brain it killed you instantly lol

umainebearman says:

"recoverable" except now you're 1 eyeball it totally destroyed

about20percent says:

I guess I’m a baby… but this whole show was Cringe City for me.

Aldo El Apache says:

Joker wick?

john mason says:

doesn't it also matter the direction and or angle in which the pencil penetrates. if the pencil were to angle directly into the brain of corse it is very possible for the pencil to kill or leave the victim brain dead.

Cooper Killen says:

I love his burgess meredith impressions

Ryan adams says:

0:24 you are such a corny nerd lol

samantha walsh says:

The guy has better hair than me.

TheSuperduperzach says:

U have to make a video explaining that a pencil in your brain will kill you? Seems common sence would give you an accurate conclusion.

Faultiplayer says:

He was still knocked unconscious.

Andy Berlino says:

That was a pretty "solid" hit on the table could a concussion effects survival rate

Ichorof says:

The guy had a pencil in his skull and thought he was fine ? How does something enter that deep into your brain and you only have a little red dot ?

Giannis Dravis says:

I thought that the pencil pierced the guy's eye. And I'm pretty sure he would be both blinded and dead.

Laptev Egor says:

Pencil was poisoned!

ComocosonoEWL says:

….. His face was slammed into the pencil the concussive force and placement of pencil would have killed him instantly.
I have personally killed two men with a pencil through the eye in my career.

RealityBoy101 says:

It's really interesting – I'm not joking, I came here because I wanted to know about the magic pencil trick, too – I'm just curious as to why people were punctured with certain objects: like paints brushes, swordfishes, and umbrellas.

Those sound like interesting stories.

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