Half in the Bag set time lapse

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http://www.redlettermedia.com – in addition to hosting Half in the Bag, Mike and Jay are also the set buildings. We recently moved studios and had to dismantle the HITB set to transport it. Everything needed to be unscrewed and disassembled to fit out of the doors and onto a truck. Everything then had to be put back together in it’s original form. This was a pain in the ass process to say the least. We work hard for our show kids! Thanks for watching and supporting us!


UnicornSlayer says:

pretty sure i counted 4 totes and 1 box of beer bottles…

Scott Blade says:

This subverted my expectations.

schm00b0 says:

No! No! You don't show the movie magic! Goddammit!

EhK47 says:

yeah but what's the song

Frank Irons says:

"Mike and Jay are also the set buildings."

yakuza01 says:

Wow, I never thought these hack frauds could move this fast. Eat your heart out, Flash!

LastOlympia says:

This set looks like my room.

Fruitcalculus says:

I'm very impressed, most other shows would either just try and approximate the old set or justify a reason for switching. Nice work!

LiquidArmProduction says:

Wait! Red Letter Media aren't white slavers with their own labor force? Fuck this channel.

marco bazan says:

This is borderline experimental

Pharacelcus says:

and here i thought you hacks actually lived in that.

GBon21 says:

I was waiting for the part where they dump all of the beer bottles back out

Blame Canada says:

I used to actually think this was a real house…..

Pointless Cartoons says:

This is legitimately inspiring. Seeing how much hard work goes into something that looks so beautifully effortless.

GR1M Equixz0r says:

Then they go edit the mother fucking videos! Dudes work damn hard and deserve every YouTube account subbed.

Sir Ramshackle Makeshift says:

Dang! You rape my illusions! Seeing you guys REALLY work makes me sick!
Feels like watching a doc on installing toilets on the Death Star …

Sir Ramshackle Makeshift says:

Föck dat youpoop! Why's there no 'luv' button?

baconology says:

i had no idea that you guys did more than talk on the internet, i like this. fraud hacks.

Asthartis says:

I'd watch this in real time

Fat6amer says:

I'm very disappointed this wasn't set to Workin' For The Weekend.

TheGCritic says:

I didn't know they had super speed. Now if only they can get a Plinkett review done as fast as this.

fetterXX says:

wow they actually built a real set! NO GREENSCREEN

Evan's Gate says:

shoutout to my nigga Rich Evans for his sweeping skills

uwai223 says:

It's interesting to see how much work goes into a relatively simple set like the Plinkett House. I'd like to see more videos of the technical side of your channel!

Angus Landeryou says:

Do the "JM"s on the back of the walls stand for Jay and Mike?

Jeff Hewitt says:

Is the garage replacing the set for Half in the Bag?

Ryan Wessel says:

anyone notice that behind their wall set pieces, it says "JM" like from 1:011:40
JM…..Jay & Mike????

Brendan McCallion says:

Rich Evans is a slave

Satire SATIRE sAtIrE satire says:

Hard work pays off, boys

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