Half in the Bag EXTRAS: Hollywood Trends

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Some outtakes from Half in the Bag in which Mike and Jay discuss tends in recent Hollywood blockbusters.


Jon Power says:

Newest trend for movies: cinematic universes??

DarkVioletCloud says:

The action fairy tale stuff is literally just RWBY, let’s be real. Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Beauty of Beauty and the Beast, and Goldilocks meet such characters such as Pinocchio who’s a robot, Achilles who has a crush on Joan of Arc, and has to fight the Wicked Witch of the West, with such henchmen like Cinderella and Hansel of Hansel and Gretel.

I wish I was joking.
It’s a good show though.

Tyler Fletcher says:

Chis Hemsworth… 7:10

mike79p says:

"which is Beauty and the Beast…for the Twilight crowd. X2???

Red Bacon says:

How you'd make a dark, edgy story out of Goldielocks? Easy, you two just forgot some trend. The bear would turn into a John-Goodman-10-Cloverfield-charackter, after he found out that "Somebody had touch his spagett'!", so they could pander to the internet crowd which is so hip and cool. Hashtag nerdy!!!!1!

iNerdier says:

Ahh remember when Mike looked young and Jay looked Amish?

John T. Campbell says:

"Jokes are now real," is the coolest quote ever. It's sadly true.

The 1-Up_Triforce says:

I want a Wizard Of Oz movie that actually has the scarecrow is breaking crows necks and tin man cutting motherfuckers heads off if you think that sounds crazy its actually in the book.

Frank Maka says:

I want Myst the Movie, satiate this fanboy please! somebody!

Tehahe says:

Your description has a spelling error.

Agatha Grunt-thruster says:

The music in the trailer for The Wall would just be a little girl singing Humpty Dumpty really slow and creepy.

Ivan Dario Pinzon D. says:

Great video. Right in the gate of the 21st century, half in the bag will be the new generation of TV, since standard tv programming will be extinct in less than 20 years. Keep it up!

Terry Coyle says:

Title: RIP
Having been placed in cryogenic stasis, a man wakes up to find his home ravaged by an apocalyptic war that has left the world in ruin. Carrying little more than a canteen of water and a faded photo of his long dead wife and child, he begins his journey to find the remains of civilization so he can finally… Rest in peace.

Christa Berit says:

The Humpty Dumpty story is inspired.

NinJaRed says:

7:36 I know you guys are taking the piss out of Hollywood's re-imagining of classic stories but the dammit that Rip Van Winkle movie sounds AwEsOmE!!!

Tomiwa Aina says:

The wall pitch with a few tweaks… doesnt sound too bad

Liz S says:

They're gonna fuck up the nutcracker suite… :'(

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