Half in the Bag Episode 60: Summer Movie Catch Up and THINGS

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http://www.redlettermedia.com – Jay and Mike find Plinkett and meet his new roommate, Palpy. While there they discuss movies they missed as well as talk about a terrible movie called “Things”


Jallen says:

21:37 that fly stole the show!

Patrick Fulton says:

"Lost your train of thought, didn't I?"

Amy Grindhouse says:

44:30 whats wrong with the sound?

MrLanzio says:

watching this in 2018. so happy miley and liam worked out their problems that Jay referenced, and they are now going strong

Garrett Everett says:

31:37 everybody. You're welcome.

Sandouras says:

Why didnt you do a best of the worst spotlight on Things? You really half assed it!

The Crimson Drummer says:

Mike's Palpatine is spot on

KJCollections says:

Insidious has darth maul in it. He has a double bladed lightsaber and it's spoopy

Will Evans says:

Why is no one talking about how the actors in Things look like Rich Evans and The Wizard?

Kurt Helf says:

The podcast "Monster Talk" has discussed the Warrens and their "investigations" a few times. Really great pod overall and those eps are very entertaining and well researched

Sparkie Shock says:

You guys have clearly never seen 'The Hands of Fate" .. or "Red Zone Cuba" .. or "monster a go go" … if you want to see REAL bad movies .. look up anything made by Burt I. Gordon .. or Colman Francis.

Stacy Lovlace says:

22:0941:03 The inception of the "Best of the Worst" series..?

Alejandro Betancourt says:

Mike is an actual actor. You wouldn't know it by watching most of this stuff. His Palpatine is scary good.

Jordan B says:

At 21:41 those hack frauds let a fly into their video above jays left shoulder on the chair.

Joseph Delgadillo says:

Is Rich wearing a sash and top hat???

OriginalZearoh says:

The witch floating around because she hung herself and looking like she's still hanging was awesome. When I first saw it it was really cool and fresh.

Paul Floyd says:

That guy nails it!

Gordon Davis says:

Where does palpatine buy his sith robes? At the Darth mall.

Gordon Davis says:

I love it when Mike shows us a glimpse of his bottomless burning hate.

SkandiaAUS says:

My favourite horror series based off some believable events is American Horror Story season 2. It's believable that Nazis found jobs post WWII in mental institutions and continued performing experiments, and that anyone could be imprisoned in times of he said she said. It's the only one that I think about a lot, and no jump scares with the CRASH sound effect.

Candle Candle says:

There's a fly at 21:38

This is really ruining my cinematic reviewing of cinematic experience.

Trip Waller says:

"It's something that's more fun to watch when you can make someone else watch it and watch them."

So, essentially a Rick Roll?

Linus Eldridge says:

"This is going to hurt you more than It's going to hurt you" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN

Linus Eldridge says:

Palpy and plinket have really jumped the shark exorcist

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