Half in the Bag Episode 42: Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 2

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Yep. We saw the new Twilight movie.


psycropticide99 says:

Still better than the last jedi

J.D. Buchanan says:

"Bella Lugosi", lol

David Hemesath says:

8:04 For all your gif needs

Knurdyob says:

10:41 he called it!

Douglas Rosa says:

Michael Sheen is the best part of the film, he should have played Malekith in Thor 2.

Jimbre says:

+—B a b y~~~I n s u r a n c e—+

Pablo Matus says:

Looool I'm watching moustache-less Jay in '18 and FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK

Lisa Heschl says:

Didn't they originally use a puppet instead of the CGI baby?
THAT thing was creepy as shit X,D
I think they used cgi to fix that monstrosity…

Wide And Nerdy says:

The questions you had were all valid but I'll give them credit for answering one of them. They establish the Xmen powers in the first movie. When Edward first tells Bella about his telepathy, he mentions that some Vampires have unique talents, and telepathy is his unique gift. This is also when they first hint that Bella can block vampire powers because Edward can't read her mind (which is part of what intrigues him about her.) So they did one thing right. Just the one thing though.

ändrew Salter says:

Oh thank the baby jebus that the twilight "phenomenon" is a thing of the past !!! For a couple of year's here in Australia twilight-mania was everywhere !! I didn't get it then and I don't get it now !!! Worst movie " trilogy " ever !!!!

Crab Kek says:

Jay looks so different but he sounds almost exactly the same.

MeleeMaster MAA says:

Brazilian vampires would be either corrupt politicians, it means, they wouldn't go to the battle because politicians don't work, or would be drug lords, then they would arrive there in cars blasting obnoxious music and wielding assault rifles.

olimario says:

almost 2018 and jay looks so much better now. good job, mate

Oda Swifteye says:

It's kind of sad that they never did do the entire Twilight Series. I guess it is too boring to binge watch.

Mr.Classified 600 says:

Why is Mr.Plinkette obviously voiced by Mike yet played by Rich?

Mark Basnight says:

Wow… I'm so glad I have these guys to take these bullets for me…

james wills says:

Holy fuck, Jay looked gross back then!

Quiet Time Gaming says:

Are you guys even paying attention when you watch movies? Because so many if the questions you ask were answered in the film.
I feel like you guys watch movies while only thinking of funny little quips, missing ENTIRE plot points.

Seth Porter says:


Dreyness says:

Fuck that was fucking hysterical, my stomach is sore from laughing so much, I wish you guys would do an in-depth review of each movie in the series. This just really shows how insanely stupid this series is, of course no one on Earth would have thought anything different, except tween-15 year old girls.

xNaruto420x says:

This is genuinely of the best "bad movies" there is. If it weren't called Twilight, it'd easily win Best of the Worst.

ЛевМЭХ says:

who'd have guessed there was a beautiful man inside of that Jay shlub all along

TheHortond says:

You really need to add cut scenes from the movie to show what you are talking about. I have never watched the twilight movies and have no idea what you are going on about.

Steph Collins says:

everyone should just watch Buffy…

Matt B says:

If you have a real baby on set, you need a baby wrangler, and that was just too much hassle.

Mackenzie Sigmon says:

It's so dense. Every image has so much going on

Martin M says:

vampire baby

RAIDERS58th says:

Vampire baby.

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