Half in the Bag Episode 31: The Avengers

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Mike and Jay see The Avengers.


Anthony Hunt says:

Does anyone know where the music starting at 1:57 comes from? I figure it's from a royalty-free site but I can't find it anywhere.

TornadoApollo says:

Who was the half person that showed up?

The 1-Up_Triforce says:

captain america kinda got the shaft in this one they cut a whole scene from the movie that really made him shine


I like how they got a shot of the Oriental but where they stand talking about it isn't even close to where it is

Willowy13 says:

Looooooooove this movie!

xwillnotbetelevisedx says:

Hey Mike, what can I get for a couple bucks?

ZedK49 says:

14:42 "But who's gonna clean all this up?"
Stay tuned for Spiderman Homecoming!

Jesse Farmer says:

This is one of those episodes that I have seen before, but I can't remember one fucking thing that happened..

XxNinja0fWarxX says:

You thought this was them blowing there wad? Not even close, bunch of shit to come.

Reto Fassbind says:

26:56 This is hilarious!

Tim Buktu says:

Actually Black Widow is a superhero because she's been biologically enhanced similiar to Captain America. They should have included that info in the movie to give more credence to her character's abilities because most people think she's just a regular human who's really really athletic.

Tom Britton says:

14:41 Turns out Michael Keaton and friends.

patorikkudozzu says:

This is one of the openings to hitb.

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